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Durham University

Josephine Butler

Event Request Form

For the attention of Josephine Butler College staff and students

This form should be completed for all event and room bookings in Josephine Butler College.

Requests for events such as Open Mic nights and formals must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of the selected date. Events such as Butler Day and Winter, Spring, Summer Balls are booked at the beginning of the academic year, however organisers must complete this form and contact the Operations Manager as soon as possible to discuss arrangements.

Requests need to be submitted 7 working days in advance so that a decision can be made as to whether the event can be accommodated.

If your request includes catering provision and the use of external providers, requests must be submitted at least 14 working days in advance so that a decision can be made as to whether the event can be accommodated.

Bookings are not confirmed until you have an email with a function sheet attached setting out the details of your booking. Please check the function sheet carefully. If there are any changes they should be clearly marked on the function sheet and handed in at Reception. After every change request a new function sheet will be issued to reflect the changes.

For those wishing to book an event to take place at Josephine Butler College, we require organisers to make themselves familiar with the relevant University Regulations and Policies, in particular those concerning alcohol and discipline. Josephine Butler is home to a large number of students, and we request that event organisers bear this in mind when planning activities. In addition, event organisers should ensure the following:

  • All spaces (indoors and outdoors) which are used for an event should be left clean and tidy.
  • We need to be aware of what spaces you want to use and what you want to do before we can approve an event (the more detail the better).
  • All electrical equipment must have a valid PAT test certificate (this applies to any equipment used by the organisers or anyone they bring in such as bands or vendors).
  • Major electrical connections to the main power supply need to be checked by the University Estates and Buildings team (via the Community Operations Manager).
  • Final Risk Assesments (including floor plans) must be submitted to the Community Operations Manager at least one week in advance of the event or the event may be cancelled.
  • Without the above information, we may need to cancel the event, and pass on any additional costs to the event organisers.

Please also note that College Officers and the Porters have the authority to refuse access to any college space when authorisation has not been granted, or if there are safety risks before or during the event.

  • Rooms and outside areas must be left clean, tidy, and ready for the next event.
  • Never assume you are allowed to do something. If you haven't got permission, don't do it.
  • All areas for prep must be included in the application form.
Organiser Details
Event Details

Ensure that any set-up time that you require is factored in to this 

Ensure that any pack-up time that you require is factored in to this 

Detail where you would like the event to take place. We have limited space for events, and events must fit around the daily functions of the College. 


Maximum capacities are displayed in brackets.

Please specify one of the below options. If the room you have selected does not appear below, that means that there is a fixed layout and you therefore do not need to specify layout.

Howlands Events Hall:

- Sport

- Dinner

- Theatre

- Plan Provided

Seminar Room:

- Boardroom 

- Theatre

- Plan Provided


- Furniture in

- Furniture out 


- Boardroom

- Theatre 

- Plan Provided

- Furniture in

- Furniture out

- Dinner

If you have selected the MUGA above, please detail the times that the lights should be switched on and off.

If you have selected the minibus above, please enter the driver's name here

Include the number of people you are expecting or inviting. Please ensure that you have selected a room with enough capacity for the number of people you wish to invite. Any event at which the number if inviteed exceeds the legal capacity of the room selected will not be approved by the College. 

Please detail whether you would like to book this room for a number of events (e.g. weekly dance practice) and in what intervals and dates you would like to book this in for. 

Please include a full description of the event. 

  • What will be happening? 
  • JCR/MCR/SCR event?
  • Is there is a theme?
  • Where the guests will be from (other Colleges)?
  • Is this part of a sports team social?
  • Will there be a guest speaker?
Technical Equipment Discuss your requirements with Tech Comm so that they can request equipment from our store. you are responsible for ensuring that the correct documentation is submitted in good time for your event. Tech Comm must also provide a comprehensive list of all technical equipment being hired in together with the name of the provider, PAT certificates and risk assessments. They should also confirm that the equipment is insured whilst on our premises.

This equipment can be provided by College

Please outline any additional equipment brought in from an external supplier that will be used during the event. Please refer to the guidance at the start of this section.


There are many options available for catering from coffee and biscuits to meals. We recommend that you discuss your requirements with the Bar and Catering Manager before completing this form.


Please include:

  • The number of people catering should be prepared for
  • Any dietary requirements and how many people this applies to (if you do not have all the dietary requirements to hand now, please note that the College must be notified of all dietary requirements at least 2 weeks prior to the event).
  • Your estimated budget per head