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Publications (Dream)

Forthcoming Papers

2019 Publications

  • Vesperoni, Alberto and Yildizparlak, Anil. “Contests with draws: axiomatization and equilibrium”. Economic Inquiry, forthcoming –
  • Vesperoni, Alberto and Yildizparlak, Anil. “Inequality and Conflict Outbreak”. Social Choice and Welfare, forthcoming.
  • Anbarci, Nejat, Richard Dutu and Ching-jen Sun. “On the Timing of Production Decisions in Monetary Economies”. International Economic Review, forthcoming – DOI 10.1111/iere.12359.
  • Anbarci, Nejat, Kang Rong and Jaideep Roy. “Random-Settlement Arbitration and the Generalized Nash Solution: The One-shot and Infinite-horizon Cases”. Economic Theory, forthcoming – DOI 10.1007/s00199-018-1111-2.
  • Pal, Sarmistha and Bibhas Saha. “Enhancing Excellence: Socially Motivated Private Schools of Nepal”. Journal of Development Studies, forthcoming – DOI 10.1080/00220388.2018.1464142.

2018 Publications

  • Anbarci, Nejat, Peren Arin, Torben Kuhlenkasper and Christina Zenker, 2018. “Revisiting Loss Aversion: Evidence from Professional Tennis”. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 153, 1-18.
  • Anbarci, Nejat, Nick Feltovich and Mehmet Y. Gurdal, 2018. “Payoff Inequity Reduces the Effectiveness of Correlated-equilibrium Recommendations”. European Economic Review, 108, 172-190.
  • Anbarci, Nejat and Nick Feltovich, 2018. “Pricing in Competitive Search Markets: Experimental Evidence of the Roles of Price Information and Fairness Perceptions”. Management Science, 64, 1101-1120.
  • Anbarci, Nejat and Nick Feltovich, 2018. “How Much Do People Exploit Their Bargaining Power? The Effects of Bargaining Institution and the 50-50 Norm”. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 145, 320-334.
  • Brosig-Koch, Jeannette and Timo Heinrich, 2018. “The Role of Communication Content and Reputation in the Choice of Transaction Partners: A Study Based on Field and Laboratory Data”. Games and Economic Behavior, 112, 49-66.
  • Busetto, Francesca, Giulio Codognato, Sayantan Ghosal, Ludovic Julien and Simone Tonin, 2018. “Noncooperative Oligopoly in Markets with a Continuum of Traders and a Strongly Connected Set of Commodities”. Games and Economic Behavior, 108, pp. 478-485.
  • Ghosal, Sayantan and Simone Tonin, 2018. “Noncooperative Oligopoly in Economies with Infinitely Many Commodities and Traders”. Games and Economic Behavior, 109, 184-200.
  • Heinrich, Timo, and Thomas Mayrhofer, 2018. “Higher-order Risk Preferences in Social Settings”. Experimental Economics, 21, 434-456.
  • Hernando-Veciana, Angel and Fabio Michelucci, 2018. “Inefficient Rushes in Auctions”. Theoretical Economics, 13, 273-306.

2017 Publications

  • Anbarci, Nejat, Saptarshi Ghosh and Jaideep Roy, 2017. “Informational Control under Reputational Cheap Talk”. Games and Economic Behavior, 106, 153-160.
  • Bag, Parimal, K. and Bibhas Saha, 2017. “Corrupt Bookmaking in a Fixed Odds Illegal Betting Market”. Economic Journal, 127, 624-652.
  • Breton, Michele and Lucia Sbragia, 2017. “Adaptation to Climate Change: Commitment and Timing Issues”. Environmental and Resource Economics, 68, 975-995.
  • Hernando-Veciana, Angel and Fabio Michelucci, 2017. “On the Efficiency of the First Price Auction”. Economics Letters, 156, 159-161.
  • Janssen, Maarten C.W., Parakhonyak, Alexei and Parakhonyak, Anastasia (2017). “Non-reservation Price Equilibria and Consumer Search”. Journal of Economic Theory, 172, 120-162.
  • Li, Daniel Z., 2017, “Ranking Equilibrium Competition in Auctions with Participation Costs”. Economics Letters, 153, 47-50.
  • Rahman, M. Habibur, Nejat Anbarci, Prasad Bhattacharya and Mehmet A. Ulubasoglu, (2017). “Can Extreme Rainfall Trigger Democratic Change: The Role of Flood-Induced Corruption?”. Public Choice, 171, 331-358.

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