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Our Research

Examples of our recent research

Stigma and Social Housing in England

Everyday in England, people are judged negatively and even actively discriminated against because they rent their home from a social landlord.

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Why do some employees hold large amounts of employer shares?

Research into employee share ownership plans.

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Organisations and Society research centre

Fruitful influence or poison apple?

Will Disney's female role models hamper your daughter's ambitions?

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Protecting women’s safety: The use of smartphone apps in relation to domestic and sexual violence

Can smartphones and their data be used to protect users as well as entertain? Durham's role in one of the first projects to analyse the impact of the development of smart phone apps in relation to protecting users from domestic violence and abuse.

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‘I wouldn't say it's sexism, except that ... it's all these little subtle things': healthcare scientists' accounts of gender in healthcare science

Gender issues in the workplace.

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Professor Nick Ellis

Constructing identities in Indian networks: discourses of marketing management in inter-organisational relationships

Research into business-to-business networks and relationships in the global commercial world; the case of India.

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Police car

Pan-European police forces

We've been working with European police forces to address the challenges involved in organisational change.

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Pay incentives

The productivity effects of multiple pay incentives

Recent theoretical papers suggest that multiple incentives (involving both individual and group benefits) might prove more efficient than single ones. This paper tests the theory.

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Runner wearing ipod

‘Gimme Shelter’: experiencing pleasurable escape through the musicalisation of running

A study to investigate the role music might play to ease or improve the running experience.

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Putting power in its place: The centrality of edgelands

Design can play an instrumental role in controlling not just workplaces but workforces too. The relationship between humans and objects – not just buildings but also the associated ‘non-human actors’ of the wider environment – is the subject of this research paper.

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The power of the face: A reassuring image or an ethical encounter 

Recent academic studies have documented a shift in the look of companies’ annual reports over the past three decades or so from a reliance of dense pages of text to a more open style with increasing use of photographs. There is, however, an added dimension to this trend – one which goes beyond mere changes in design perspective. This study sets out not just to undertake a quantitative analysis of the change but also to place it in a philosophical context.

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Joint Influences of Individual and Work Unit Abusive Supervision on Ethical Intentions and Behaviors: A Moderated Mediation Model

A study which sets out to model the influence of abusive leadership on an organisation and tests the extent to which it influences, either directly or indirectly, the behaviour of those affected.

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