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About CITM

The Centre of Innovation and Technology Management (CITM) is a multidisciplinary research centre that aims to develop and disseminate knowledge in the area of operations, technology and innovation management.

Our research, which uses rigorous methods and is published in some of the leading journals, explores themes inspired by managerial challenges and practice. The rigour and relevance of our research is demonstrated by the impact our research is having on companies, public sector organizations, industry associations, professional bodies and government, as well as the everyday lives of individuals.

How we work

We operate in an outward looking environment by proactively and systematically engaging with external stakeholders including businesses, other Universities, funding bodies, and professional associations.

The structure and operation of the centre is based around research based themes. Although the themes are not exclusive, the activities organised by the centre are aligned with each theme. This bottom-up approach enables the centre’s researchers to combine their skills and expertise to address research questions and challenges which are current relevant, and have impact.

Three research themes

Open Innovation

Projects explore the sharing of knowledge and ideas across the supply chain. During our first year we have launched a MOOC on Open Innovation and organised an Innovation Colloquium.

Disruptive Innovation and Data Analytics

Projects associated with this theme aim to provide the platform for proof testing ideas that can disrupt the business models of our key stakeholders, e.g. on the provision of solutions to daily jobs as opposed to selling of products, and the impact of Industry 4.0.

Measuring the impact of Innovation (Innovation Observatory)

The aim of the innovation observatory is to work with local Universities for supporting business innovation. It is within its scope to measure and evaluate levels of innovation across sectors.

Recent research


Process Innovation: Open innovation and the moderating role of the motivation to achieve legitimacy

Research on open innovation, which explores how engagement with external parties can support an organisation's innovative ability, has been aiming to explain why and how external parties share ideas and expertise, and how these are then combined with an organisation's internal knowledge to help improve its products.

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A Decision Framework to Mitigate Supply Chain Risks: An Application in the Offshore-Wind Industry

Paper motivated by capacity improvements of recent offshore wind farm projects.

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Supply Chain Integration

Supply chain integration configuration: Process structure and product newness

Christos Tsinopoulos and Heather McDougall set out to use existing survey data to look in detail at how supply chains are integrated and configured.

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Exploring the role of innovativeness and opinion leadership in diffusion

There has been much academic debate over the relationship between diffusion, innovation and opinion leadership. This research by Kiran Fernandes and Xiaohui Shi models the relationship between the three. 

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Christos Tsinopoulos

Influencing Procurement Policy and Practice in the North East of England

A study for the North East Procurement Organisation into the consequences of current procurement practice in the North East of England and recommended improvements. 

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