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Challenging Gendered Media Mis(s)Representations of Women Professionals and Leaders

This seminar series is a collaborative project between Durham and Lancaster, Roehampton and Bradford universities, running from October 2014 to June 2017.

The research focus of the seminar series is to challenge gendered media misrepresentations of women professionals and leaders. The media is a powerful player in the promotion or otherwise of gender equality worldwide and media representations of women have great impact on how women are viewed and view themselves.

However, a continued media focus on women's gender, not competence, ignores women's achievements as leaders and professionals, misrepresenting their ability, contribution and advancement. This innovative seminar series explores, examines and challenges how media shapes and influences the way in which women are represented as professionals and leaders. Unique in bringing together leading international researchers, journalists, lobbyists and those committed to the progress of women professionals and leaders, this series aims to:

  • raise awareness and understanding of gendered stereotypes of women and their effects;
  • challenge the gendered construction of women leaders in the media;
  • identify future research agendas for academics and practitioners in management and business.

Seminar Series Themes

The Seminar Series has 3 themes:

  1. 'Gendered Media Misrepresentations: Why do they matter and how do we know?'
  2. 'Developing Research Capacity for management and business studies: Multidisciplinary methodologies, theories and concepts/analysing media texts and visual methods. View selected presentations
  3. 'Developing Priority Research Agendas and Maximising Impact'.

Each theme will be developed in three seminars over three years. The final Seminar, in June 2017, will be a 1-day conference to consolidate knowledge exchange and research priorities.

Following the first seminar, 'The Power of Gendered Media Representations' held at Durham University on 22 October, Professor Sharon Mavin addressed Jo Swinson MP at a Government seminar on gender roles, representation and social policy on 27th October. Read more

The fourth seminar, "Multi-disciplinary Approaches: Methodologies, Theories and Concepts" will be held at Roehampton University, London, on Wednesday 21 October 2015 (9.30am – 3.30pm).

The seminar will reconsider current underpinning multidisciplinary research expertise and approaches to develop innovative theoretical, methodological and conceptual frameworks which can be utilised by Management and Business studies scholars to interrogate gendered media representations and contribute to Management and Business curricula, research and practice.

Speakers include:

Professor Dr Carolyn Byerly

Professor in the Graduate Program in Mass Communication and Media Studies, Department of Journalism, Howard University, USA. Carolyn is a leading scholar in women and the media; author of the recent Global Report on the Status of Women in News USA and co-author of numerous high impact publications concerning gender and the media - read more.

Sepi Roshan

Sepi is a stakeholder, lobbyist and media producer as an expert in Communication and Leadership and Founder and Managing Editor: of Astute Radio. Sepi is committed to harnessing the power of media. Sepi teaches media skills, challenge stereotypes, focuses on empowering minority women and facilitating conversations that matter. Read more about the key issues being talked about on Astute Radio’s website.

Professor Sharon Mavin and Dr Jannine Williams

Director of University of Roehampton Business School, Sharon is Chair of the University Forum for HRD, and a leading gender and management studies scholar; publishing on executive women and careers and leadership and media representations of senior women. Jannine is Lecturer in HRM and OB at Bradford University School of Management, and works with Sharon on senior women and media representations research projects. Sharon and Jannine will present their experiences of developing a multi-stakeholder framework for analysing gendered media constructions of women's leaders.

A limited number of travel bursaries are available for early career researchers, including doctoral students.

To register for a place at the seminar, please email:

Call for chapter proposals

Call for chapter proposals for edited volume “Gender, Media, and Organization: Challenging Mis(s)Representations of Women Leaders and Managers”. Chapters should focus on the interrelationship among gender, media, and organisation by examining and challenging (mis)representations of women leaders and managers. The volume will mirror the seminar series of the same name (October 2014-June 2017), directed by the editors and which is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

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