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In May 2017, the Centre hosted its annual conference. This year's theme was Frontier Issues in Macroeconomics. The keynote speaker was Professor Roger Farmer (Warwick University and UCLA) who presented his paper "Let's all be Keynesians now."

On 22 September, we welcomed speakers and guests from across the globe to the workship "Evolution and dynamics of industrial structures and ecosystems: innovation and productivity in industries'.

In June 2017, Nigar Hashimzade's piece on Tax Avoidance: Rational Ignorance of Law was recently published on the blog of the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute at the Crawford School of Public Policy. Read the piece here.

The Centre welcomed a number of guest speakers to the School in 2017, including:

  • 5 May: Mini workshop for MSc and PhD students in Economics and Finance
  • 8 May: Patrizio Lecca (European Commission): Long-term social, economic and fiscal effects of immigration into the EU
  • 1 March: Tirthankar Roy (LSE): Law, Colonialism, and Development: How the three were related in India and why it matters
  • 16 February: Simon Derrick (Bank of New York Mellon): Brave New World

Parantap Basu: In September 2014 he worked as a Senior Consultant for the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) to help modelling DSGE for the Indian Economy. This project was sponsored by the Think Tank initiative managed by the Canadian International Development Research Centre. Parantap published

  • "An Adjustment Cost Model of Social Mobility,” (with Y. Getachew), Journal of Macroeconomics, 44: 177-190, 2015
  • “Borrower’s Moral Hazard, Risk Premium and Welfare: A Comparison of Universal and Stand-alone Banking Systems” (with S. Banerji), Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 12(1): 61-72.

Xiaoshan Chen published (2015) "Revisiting the Dollar-Euro Permanent Equilibrium Exchange Rate: Evidence from Multivariate Unobserved Components Models" (with Ronald MacDonald), Journal of International Money and Finance, 53: 20-35.

Tatiana Damjanovic published the following papers:

  • Damjanovic, T., Damjanovic, V. & Nolan, C. (2015). "Ordering Policy Rules with an Unconditional Welfare Measure", International Journal of Central Banking 11(1): 103-149
  • Damjanovic, T., Gird─Śnas, S. & Liu, K. (2015). "Stationarity of econometric learning with bounded memory and a predicted state variable", Economics Letters 130: 93-96.

Tatiana alsodelivered an invited presentation on the Macro-finance workshop at the University of Bath.

Sara Eugeni published "An OLG model of global imbalances" in the Journal of International Economics, 95 (1), 83-97. Sara presented the paper “Nominal exchange rate determination and net foreign assets’ dynamics: the stabilization role of valuation effects” at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Central Bank of Austria) in a CEPR (and others) sponsored conference.

Elisa Keller has published the article, "The Slowdown in American Educational Attainment" in the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control in 2014.

Nikos Paltadis publishedKizys, R., Paltalidis, N., Vergos, K. (2015). "The quest for banking stability in the euro area: The role of government interventions", Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money. In press. A study published at the JBF has been covered by international media: interview for BBC Radio with Luisa Hannan and a radio interview at the BNR, Guardian, The Independent, The Irish Times.

Les Reinhorn is guest co-editor for the September 2015 issue of the Manchester School (special issue for the 2014 MMF conference).

Thomas Renstrom published "Population Growth and Human Capital: A Welfarist Approach," The Manchester School, vol. 83: 110–141.

Eshref Trushin presented a paper (with M.Ugur): "CEO compensation and corporate governance in the 2007-2008 financial crisis" at the British Academy of Management 2014 conference, University of Belfast, 9-11 September 2014.