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Centre for Environmental and Energy Economics

Our team of internationally renowned researchers work on a wide range of prominent environmental and energy problems. Many of these issues are associated with failure or absence of proper markets. They hence require corrective public policy actions to increase the efficiency of economic outcomes.

The members of this group have a record of intensely active international and national research networking, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations. Both large-scale system modelling of environmental and energy issues, as well as local policy design and correction are subjects of investigation. Amongst the topics of recent research we have:

  • water studies on the consumer side (residential and commercial), on fresh water system improvement from diffuse rural pollution, on flooding and climate change;
  • development of recreational models to drive cost effective investments in systems of protected areas (e.g. alpine national parks);
  • determinants of ambient heater adoption and geographical models of adoption of renewable;
  • broad energy policy and agri-environmental incentive mechanism policy design;
  • international environment agreements.

Our researchers' work provides leading quality information to national public regulators (DEFRA, OFGEM and OFWAT), international organisations (EU Commission, World Bank, UNEP and FAO) and natural resource managers (land management agencies).

We maintain strong interdisciplinary collaboration with engineers, biologists and environmental specialists across Durham University, and beyond. All members of our team are involved as peer-reviewers in leading field journals, and the professors have roles in editorial boards and management of international journals.


A Quarter Century Effort Yet to Come of Age: A Survey of Power Sector Reforms in Developing Countries

A report that investigates whether the gloal power sector reforms of the 1990s delivered the expected outcome of the availability of cheaper and more accessible energy.

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Cost-effective Regulation of Diffuse Pollution

Research investigating novel cost-effective approaches to controlling multiple agricultural externalities from intensive agricultural production by designing spatially targeted and coordinated intervention policies.

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Diffusion adoption of renewable energy devices

A series of interdisciplinary studies to explore choice of renewables in electricity generation and for ambient heating appliances.

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