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What our students think

Bianca Nebout

PPE, Year 1 -

What I really enjoy about PPE is the fact that I am studying three subjects that at first glance seem really different but are in fact really interlinked. Economics is an important part of politics (and also so is the opposite, we usually see different policies and way of thinking when facing an economic problem). Philosophy is also important when it comes to these two other subjects, for me philosophy brings out a more human side to them. Economics is not just numbers and politics just a bunch of theories, we see the relations behind them.

I believe that what has made my experience at Durham University so great is the people that I have met. Not only in my college but also in lectures and tutorials. My biggest worry before moving here was that I would not be able to fit in or to find people like me, but this worry was quickly brushed off on the first day of Fresher’s week. Everyone in Durham is kind and amicable, they are always ready to help you and to make sure that everything is okay, and that applies not only to the students but also to the tutors and even lecturers.

As a French student, I moved in a few days before everyone else did and I was worried as I was the only one on my floor. But all the Freps were friendly and made me feel welcome really quickly. When Freshers week started, it all fell into places really quickly, and I never felt homesick or lonely because I was always surrounded by my amazing friends. At this point, I am even considering Durham as a second home and I am truly heartbroken every time I have to leave it.

Alex Hutchinson

Economics, 2017 -

Having only started my course this year, I have to say the highlight of my course so far is the diversity of my modules. An economics degree is not simply six modules of economic theory – I’ve expanded my understanding in mathematics, history, ethics and politics, to name a few. Discussions in my Environmental Economics seminars and writing my first essay on the history of economic thought have been my favourite parts of the course so far.

At University I got to break out of that bubble and meet so many interesting and diverse new people, as well as see that there are people just like me from all over the country and world. I’ve loved making friends, attending society and college socials and events, all while working towards my academic and career goals.

I’d like to work in poverty alleviation and economic development, especially as part of an NGO or intergovernmental organisation in developing countries, but I’d also love to contribute to research in these fields or teach and inspire the next generation of economists and businesspeople, working in education and academia.

Theresa Rauh

Economics with Management, Year 1 -

There are three main reasons which made me chose Durham University: The first one is obviously its excellent reputation worldwide both regarding the research quality as well as its student satisfaction. Secondly, the collegiate system particularly attracted me to Durham University. As an international student from Germany where most university facilities as well as student accommodations are spread out among the entire city I really enjoy being part of a college. The sense of community with its welcoming atmosphere the collegiate system provides is unique. Wherever you go in Durham you will meet people you know! Furthermore, I really enjoy the variety of the modules Durham University has to offer. In addition to the core modules mandatory for Economics I am also able to take modules such as Marketing, Finance or even modules from entirely different departments giving me a broader spectrum of knowledge.

The highlight of my Durham University experience is just the every-day life going on in Durham! There is so much this University has to offer. (Not only in terms of the degree!) I got involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities such as cross country, football, different societies and our college fashion show. Furthermore, there are various balls, formals and socials throughout the year bringing the entire college society together. Through all these events I met great people from all around the world, got to know different cultures and made unforgettable memories I would never want to miss! Next year I am going to live in a house with people from Canada, China, Australia, France and Switzerland for example.

When I arrived in Durham the student ambassadors were warmly welcoming me and soon I met all the other people living in my house. Fresher’s week was an unforgettable experience and gave me the opportunity to meet as many people you can possibly meet within a week. The highlight of Fresher’s week for me was by far the matriculation. Walking with my new friends into the tremendous cathedral wearing my gown and officially becoming a member of Durham University is a moment I will never forget. I can truly say that Durham became my home away from home.

Ruishi Zhen

Economics with a Study Abroad, Year 2 -

Living in a college means that I am part of a very dynamic community where I can make friends with students from different subject disciplines and cultural backgrounds. My personal welfare is looked after by my college, and I can receive all kinds of supports whenever difficulties arise. College is also a good starting point to participate in different student-run activities and develop extra-curricular interests by joining various sports and music societies.

Durham University Business School provides not only extensive training in my chosen course but also plenty of opportunities for me to seek academic support and develop key employability skills, which creates a truly intellectually stimulating environment for me to learn and gain confidence.

The Economics programmes offered by DUBS are very flexible as we can tailor our own degree programmes according to our strengths and academic interests by choosing different combinations of modules. The economics modules are very diverse and across a variety of specialised fields such as behavioural economics, environmental economics, econometrics and history of economic thought. We can also choose to add an extra placement or study abroad year to our initial three-year programme in order to gain industrial experience and international perspectives.

Durham University offers more than just academic study. There are numerous university-wide groups and societies for you to join via the Durham Students’ Union, which could be academic societies, sports societies, arts and music societies, political societies, international societies and so on. Also, Student Community Action (SCA) and Durham University Charities Kommittee (DUCK) provide a variety of volunteering projects for you to participate either at a local level or at an international level!

Colleges play a huge role in helping you to settle in and guiding you through important information step by step. Colleges would organise many interesting activities during fresher’s week where you can meet other international students and local students.

Cameron Butt

PPE, 2017 -

I chose Durham University for its reputation, its collegiate system and its location (there is so much history and naturally, politics, in the area). The distinction between colleges is much more amplified than I had realised – there is a huge focus on the college (in my case great as I live in the castle!)

If I were to choose one highlight, I’d definitely point to studying conservatism in my Ideas and Ideologies module as it combined aspects of French history (Burke’s Reflections) with political science. Induction week was also great because there was a group project where a quarter of the students on the PPE course had to film a 10 minute video on why Marx was the founding father of PPE. Naturally, this was very imaginative and entertaining.

In terms of the social side of university, I found Freshers’ Week fantastic if not slightly overwhelming (there is so much to do and you will have to be prepared to miss out on activities because you don’t have the time to do them!)

BSc Economics at Durham University

Jack Pickering

Economics, 2015-

Two things in particular attracted me to DUBS: the collegiate system and small city-campus gives rise to good community feeling and makes it an enjoyable place to study. The second reason was the variety of courses offered by DUBS, and the ability to choose different modules from these as part of the economics programme; I have therefore been able to study core and specialised economic theory alongside corporate finance and even Marketing, which has given me a diverse and wide-ranging knowledge.

The course has been diverse and entertaining as well as demanding. Studying at DUBS has improved my personal study skills, such as the ability to take basic overviews/explanations of theories and learn them more deeply through further reading and worked examples. This skill will not only benefit me throughout my academic life, but also into the workplace.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two years at Durham. I have managed to gain a deep and varied knowledge of core economic principles whilst improving my study skills. It was therefore a proud moment for me to achieve the Academic Achievement Award and BP Departmental award for getting the highest overall mark in the second year.

I have yet to decide what to pursue upon leaving the business school, however the sectors of Banking and Finance are of a great interest to me, as is the possibility of building on my knowledge through further study. Regardless of what I decide, I feel that studying at DUBS has given me the knowledge and wider skill-set to succeed.

Scholarships for Masters study

Ro Eugine

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

After having visited several London universities, I choose Durham as I found the atmosphere very welcoming. The worldwide academic reputation of Durham with a culturally diverse student body is definitely an advantage.

It was fantastic to be taught by world leading academics in a research-based academic style, surrounded by a multicultural student body with different approaches to political matters. The collegiate system and the freshers' week were also wonderful opportunities to make new friends from a wide range of countries.

Shannon Balram


I first chose Durham for its reputation as I’m sure any student would. I hadn’t experienced the college system before, so having the chance to stay here at the Open Day overnight made me feel like part of a community and helped me in my decision to come here. I really enjoy being in a city university rather than a campus as everything is so close and there are always different people around. Durham offers, in my opinion, more module choice than other universities. As well as this, the topics are global and you learn about other world economies which is very interesting and relevant to today’s society.