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Durham No. 1 for graduate employability

Durham No.1 for Graduate Employability

Business and Management graduate Jessica Gibbison reflects on the careers support she received at Durham.

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Scott Malloy

Business and Management, Year 2 -

My reasons for choosing Durham University were because of its reputation as a world leading institution, the smaller size of the city where I would be able to interact with students all the time, the extracurricular activities such as tennis, and to experience a different culture. I am originally from the United States and although the UK is not terribly different, I find that all the little things make a huge difference whether it is the food, culture or architecture.

Obtaining a degree from Durham University almost guarantees a good job after graduation because our graduates have a reputation with employers of being excellent workers. Many of Durham’s sports teams are at the top of the leaderboards and students are constantly bringing home medals. Work placement is also a great part of the experience in coming to Durham, where you can gain experience and also get paid at the same time; everyone in my course is currently in the application/interviewing stage at the moment.

The highlight of my Durham University experience would have to be Freshers week because it was a lot of fun and I met a lot of great people that have become my best friends. I think the social experience is a crucial part of your academic career; not only are you making lifelong friends, but you are networking with soon to be graduates who are going to be heading out into the same field as you.

Coming from a different part of the world, I was a bit nervous at first of what to expect and if I would fit in, however, upon meeting the second year reps and freps, I felt reassured I had made the right choice coming to Durham. The college communities are very tight knit and you will most likely know everyone in your year within the first few weeks.

Nandini Sachdev

Business and Management with a Business Placement, Year 2 -

I chose Durham University because of its consistent rankings in the country and in the world. Being triple accredited and one of the top in graduate employment, its unique collegiate system helps in having a little family-like feel in the foreign country. My friends at Durham were very pleased with the University, the course and life here and these reasons helped me choose Durham and I’m very pleased with my decision.

The lecturers have been the highlight of my experience. They are ever ready to help and guide me through my assignments and seminars and have helped me discover my passion in Marketing.

The people I have met during my time here at Durham university has been the highlight of my experience. I now have friends coming from different parts of the world, and it has helped me in gain a deeper insight into the different cultures and learn from their experiences and understandings. This experience has also given me the best of memories and I have made friends for lifetime.

Being an international student, I was extremely anxious about settling in a new country and an entirely different culture, but the University went above and beyond in ensuring our comfort. The college and its team continuously catered to our needs and helped us feel welcomed in the University and the city. Durham has not only given me friends that are now family, but a place that I can proudly call home.

Mobeen Kashif

Business and Management, 2017 -

Durham is an amazing place to study, from the Cathedral to the Castle, the collegiate system to some of the most important traditions like Matriculation and the great opportunities you get just by studying here, be it social or career wise are all part of the Durham experience that every Durham student gets to enjoy, and hence my reason to choose Durham university.

In Business and Management, a lot of tasks are based on group work, which always helps you to meet and work with different people, which provides a great learning experience not only through doing a particular task, but also by knowing the different thought processes or perspectives each individual in the group has. Also, in today’s work environment team work is essential, so through these activities it helps you gain confidence in your abilities and provides you with a chance to further improve yourself.

Definitely the people, the diverse group of people you meet is one of the most positive aspect of the Durham experience. People from different countries, different continents, each bringing their own personalities, cultures and values, which makes it a great opportunity to learn from each other, and the positive interactions help you grow as an individual as well. I’d like to think by the time I graduate, I have made enough friends that represent almost all the continents in the world.

Toby Mason

Marketing, Year 2 -

I’ve really enjoyed how open the lecturers are to questions/emails/going to their offices for help. You can be sure they will be happy to aid you with whatever you require. Additionally the assessment methods are not just exam based which as a weak exam student I really enjoyed. The fact I got to create videos, write essays and give presentations for my assessments as well the exams really made the whole experience much more enjoyable as I was not stressing so much when it came to the exams.

Durham University Ski and Snowboard club and the Palatinalps ski trip…. If you enjoy snowsports do not miss this club for the world! The people are fantastic and the events are fantastic!. A few days prior to writing this I had just to got back from BUCs dry slope championships where I competed, despite never having raced before. Technically I can say I have raced for Durham! Even if you’d never skied or snowboarded before. This is the club where you can learn how to - it is unbelievable fun.

Jeffrey Bryant

Marketing with a Business Placement, Year 2 -

I aspire to be the best and most employable person I can possibly be and university is a huge investment in my personal development.

So far, my personal highlight is being a rep during induction week. It was a great opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and really get involved in my college. Being a rep is something I’d do again next year and the collegiate system allows so many people to get involved in the college community.

Another highlight is when we have guest speakers come in from companies that are world leaders in their fields. Some of our tutors have spent countless years working/ doing research in their sector and they use these experiences in lectures and seminars to make learning more interesting and engaging.

Business and Marketing degrees at Durham University

Shruti Satish


Consistently ranking as a top university in both national and international league tables, a Durham degree is an impressive feature on any CV.

Additional services such as the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre provide excellent support for students to develop their employability skills and to access networking opportunities. For me this was certainly true for securing interviews and ultimately offers for internship placements - I was able to spend ten weeks at Lloyds Bank as a Capability Consultant within their Group Operations division.

Durham has an endless variety of extra-curricular activities - I had the opportunity to volunteer at a school in Cambodia for six weeks!

I highly recommend Durham University Business School not only for a world class degree but also for an overall amazing student experience.

Jack Faunt

Business and Management with a Business Placement

I chose DUBS due to the excellent reputation, and high graduate prospects.

In year 1, I was awarded the academic award, and now I have received it again for my second year of study. At the end of my second year of study I also received a Departmental Prize sponsored by BP. The business school nominated me for this award ‘due to excellent academic achievements’.

DUBS has improved my skill set immensely and university has brought the best out in me. I am more confident and have improved my business skills.

Studying at Durham has surrounded me with people from all over the world, which I would never have met at most other universities.

After two years, I have secured my dream placement year, with Aldi. I shall be working on the shop floor and will have opportunities to manage stores and to learn the business inside-out (logistics, trade deals, how to set up stores etc). I look forward to applying what I have learnt at Durham to real world situations. I shall return for my final year of study and am aiming to graduate with a first class degree.

Thomas Andrew Hepworth

Business (2010-13)

Durham University Business School carries a phenomenal reputation worldwide and provides first-class facilities to students.

There is a close tutelage from extremely talented tutors on a variety of aspects of business, ranging from analysing economic behaviour using algebra to exploring the psychology driving consumer behaviour. Lecturers provided a firm grounding in core theory and directed students towards further literature to enhance their knowledge.

The ability to attend several Business School guest speakers was a great help, the highlight of which was Howard Webb, who gave a fantastic presentation on situational management and leadership.

The emphasis on group learning and presentations via intense seminars and group work really showcased the knowledge and drive among the students. Additionally, having such a diverse set of students brought out such strong debate and concluded with a great appreciation and understanding of how business is conducted within, and the wider aspects of, different cultures.

Thomas is now Customer Insight Analyst at Leeds Building Society.

Shiv Nadkarni

Business and Management with study abroad (2016, Year 1)

I chose Durham University Business School because of its global ranking. It has an excellent reputation for providing a quality education which is important to both students and employers. The Business School has top class facilities and it’s conveniently located within walking distance of the city centre. As an international student I enjoy living in college as it gives me the opportunity to meet other people and get involved in lots of extra-curricular activities such as social work, animal care and golf. I hope to graduate well and then work for 3-4 years before undertaking an MBA and pursue my interest in entrepreneurship.

Amy Worley

Business and Management

The entire University and Collegiate environment that Durham University Business School offers was perfect for the University experience. The academic structure is great, the Business School offers exemplary support, brilliant quality lectures and the course itself is very interesting with a range of modules. The Collegiate system was another key factor that really drew me to Durham, it creates such a brilliant community of students.