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Bridging the gap between theory and the real world of trading

Chris Jenkins, Managing Director of Market Squared, recently visited the BSc Finance and BA Accounting and Finance programmes. Chris spoke to the students about Volcube, Market Squared’s options simulation and training technology, which students on two different modules will be using.

Chris started his trading career in 2009 for OSTC and has experience trading Short Term Interest Rates, Energies and Soft Commodity markets. Following his success, in 2013 he became the Head of Operations for OSTC Iberia with responsibility for three trading floors in Madrid, Seville and Lisbon. Chris' role focused on teaching, training and mentoring traders into profitability who were under his remit.

Chris said: “The ultimate aim of the platform is to bridge the gap between what students learn in the classroom and how this theory is applied in the real world of trading. We are not trying to replace education with the tool, but rather complement the in-depth knowledge that the students gain in their studies at Durham and allow them to gain experience in applying that knowledge.”

“I was impressed by how many students wanted to start using the tool straight away. The usage we have seen since the session has been very high and encouraging to see.”

Charles Lord, second year student of Accounting and Finance at Durham University Business School, said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive trading session with Chris Jenkins from Market Squared and OSTC on the Volcube platform. Our finance course at Durham University Business School is always engaging, however, the session truly bridged the gap between classroom theory and real life. The session solidified and expanded upon my prior knowledge of derivative trading, specifically options and futures, in a way that was simplified to ensure that a lot of information was delivered in a relatively short time frame.”

“After playing around with the platform for a couple of hours, I already think I’m improving by utilising the practical levels and the information videos when I’m unsure how to best proceed in response to the changing market simulation.”

During the term, the students will also be invited to take part in a Trading Competition. This will involve the students being given two weeks to take part in five simulations. The top five performers will then be automatically given first round interviews at one of our trading floors.

Dr Ian Whitfield, Deputy Head of Faculty and Associate Professor in the Business School, said: “Volcube is an exciting and innovative trading platform which provides students with realistic exposure to trading and hedging of options. Our students performed exceptionally well in the trading simulation in the last academic year.”

Market Squared is an educational subsidiary of OSTC, one of the largest proprietary trading companies in the world. To find out more about Volcube, watch this 5 Minute Demo Video or visit the Market Squared website.

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