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Customer Insights - a tailored programme for a major international bank

On the money

Following the mis-selling scandal and financial crisis, the UK’s banks have struggled to build confidence with the general public. But thanks to a custom Executive Education programme from Durham University Business School, we have been helping one international bank regain trust and strengthen commercial relationships.

Changing behaviour

At the heart of the challenge was changing the way the bank interacts with its commercial customers. This required, first of all, to gain a deep insight into the bank’s customers and then to develop techniques to enhance how senior managers behave.

The objectives of the Executive Education programme that we created enable participants to:

  • Appreciate the challenges faced by the bank’s customers from their perspective
  • Diagnose the culture that exists within the customer’s business
  • Identify the values and USP of each customer’s business
  • Identify what could be a good and bad strategy for the customer’s business
  • Empathise with the concerns and challenges that each customer faces
  • Enhance participants’ verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Return on investment

Our client has already seen a significant change in behaviour and the two-day programme has proved incredibly popular – in fact, there’s currently a waiting list to attend it.