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Partnering with the industry’s finest to create an Accounting course with a difference

The power of three: DUBS, KPMG and ICAEW

The groundbreaking BSc Accounting Programme, developed with KPMG and the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), was driven by a number of factors.

Student fee increases and higher education funding reforms weren’t only discouraging school leavers from entering the accounting profession, but higher education in general. Also, we at the Business School wanted to play our part in the vital task of rebuilding diminished public trust in the financial sector.

From ‘information age’ to ‘knowledge age’

The issues above together with other fundamental changes, such as globalisation of business, have paved the way for a knowledge-based approach to accounting. In other words, accounting talent must now go hand-in-hand with proactivity, innovation and engagement with the wider issues.

By developing a course that integrates the academic, practical and professional elements of accounting, we’ve been able to turn the aforementioned challenges into far-reaching benefits and opportunities.

Better leaders for a brighter tomorrow

The fully integrated course combines part-time and full-time study, and students have an employment and training contract with KPMG while they’re students of Durham University.

On completion of the six-year programme, students will leave as fully qualified chartered accountants with the ICAEW ACA qualification, and their BSc. KPMG pays the full university and professional tuition fees for each student in addition to a starting salary of around £20,000 (in London). They will receive a salary throughout the six-year period.

This combination of study and professional experience will break down the barriers between theory and day-to-day practice, and will go a significant way towards creating more engaged, insightful and responsible leaders and managers for the future.

Oliver Tant, UK Head of Audit at KPMG

"We are really excited about this scheme which we think is genuinely ground-breaking and innovative. For us, one of the key things is to ensure fair access to the profession by ensuring the greatest number of young people possible go to university - and also have the potential to train as an accountant. This scheme is a major new departure for us, which we think could establish a new trend of the private sector helping to meet the costs of tertiary education."

David Willetts, the Minister for Universities and Science

"I warmly welcome this new scheme, as it provides a new entry route to a prestigious profession for people from a wide range of backgrounds. I hope other employers and universities will study the concept carefully. It's the kind of initiative that we hope will flourish as we reform higher education."

The KPMG programme