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Professor Michael J. Blakemore

Honorary Research Fellow


Mike is Emeritus Professor of Geography at Durham University, UK, based in the Business School. He is part-time Technical Director of Ecorys UK.

He works across areas of: organisational strategy and change; government reform; ICTs for governance, development and inclusion; European and international higher education quality assurance and policy reform; location based services; privacy, citizenship and local democracy.

He led the European Commission Erasmus Mundus Quality Assurance project, a participatory quality framework for international Master and Doctoral programmes, including work on degree recognition and sustainability (see publications). Other projects included a review the master and doctoral programmes of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT), and a review of ICTs for disability for UNESCO.

He has been an expert reviewer, rapporteur and evaluator for the Commission across Marie Skłodowska-Curie (Chair of the Economics and Social Science Panel 2012 - 2016), eGovernment, Frameworks 5-7, eInclusion, eHealth sectors. At Durham Business School he supervises Doctoral and DBA candidates in information strategy and marketing.

Research and consultancy covers higher education mobility and reform, the use of ICTs in the (actively) ageing society and the balance between monitoring and empowering people.

Mike maintains an an integrated bibliography spanning his interests, currently exceeding 56,000 references.

You can view Mike's full profile on LinkedIn.


    Chapter in book

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  • Journal Article

  • Blakemore, M. & Craglia, M. (2006). Access to public sector information in Europe: policy, rights and obligations. Information Society 22(1): 13-24.
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  • Presentation

  • Blakemore, M. (2005), All things 'e' with a little bit of 'i', and hopefully some 'd' and 'p': Basic building blocks and the digitisation of European public administrations, International Workshop: The Digitisation of European Public Administrations: What’s the Political Dimension of Electronic Governance? EIPA. Maastricht, The Netherlands, Maastricht.
  • Report

  • Blakemore, M. (2006). Think Paper 4: eGovernment strategy across Europe - a bricolage responding to societal challenges. cc:eGov Project.
  • Blakemore, M. (2006). Think Paper 2: Customer-centric, citizen centric. Should Government learn directly from business? cc:eGov Project.
  • Blakemore, M. (2005). Surveillance in the Workplace - an overview of issues of privacy, monitoring, and ethics. GMB.

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Honorary Research Fellow