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Our People

Professor Catherine Lam

PhD, MSc, BA

Professor of Management


Catherine is a professor at Durham University. Catherine received her PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2009. She previously worked at City University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on leadership, social comparison, emotions, job stress, interpersonal relationships, and team processes in organizations. She has published articles in leading academic journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and so on. She is the editorial board member of Journal of Management, Human Relations, Management and Organizational Review, and Journal of Managerial Psychology.

Research Interests

  • Interpersonal behaviour
  • Leadership
  • Social comparison
  • Job Stress and performance
  • Team Work and team climate
  • Workplace emotions
  • emotional Labour

Research Groups


    Chapter in book

  • Lam, C. & Huang, X. (2012). Managing social comparison processes among Chinese employees. In Handbook of Chinese organizational behaviour. Huang, X & Bond, M. H Edward Elgar.
  • Journal Article

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Contact Details

Professor of Management
+44 191 3345730