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Our People

Mr David Woroniuk

PhD Student


David is a Doctoral Researcher in Energy Economics at Durham University. His research interests lie at the intersection of Energy Economics and Computer Science, modelling networks within markets, the impact they have on market stability and the economic consequences. David is a contributing writer for, focussing on global Crude Oil and Natural Gas market dynamics. He also has professional experience in both Energy trading and Energy Private Equity, bringing an understanding of both market structure and the corporate investment process. 


Crude Oil and Natural Gas markets have been well documented as playing a pivotal role in the performance of the global economy, combining to provide over half of the world’s energy supply. In light of this, a great volume of literature has been produced pertaining to global energy market dynamics, security of supply, and the systematic risk exposure of market participants. David’s work aims to develop oil market integration literature through provision of an empirical assessment of pricing causality, volatility transmission pathways and the impact of integration shocks on the broader economy at both the regional and global level.

The development of pricing networks and identification of volatility pathways has the potential to increase oil security assessment and fuel price estimation accuracy, providing an early warning system to inform policy. Through this, ancillary information regarding the impact of benchmark status, associated liquid derivatives markets and product quality on a market’s role in price discovery shall be discussed, providing valuable regulatory and policy insights.

Research Groups

Quantitative Research in Finance and Economics

Environmental and Energy Economics

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PhD Student