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Our People

Dr Christopher Williams

Associate Professor (Reader) in Management

Christopher’s research examines strategy and entrepreneurial dynamics in international companies. He has also developed a number of teaching cases on international companies and teaches with the case method.


Christopher spent two decades in industry before entering academia. During this time he worked for international companies such as GEC, Midland Bank, Informix Software and IMS Health, principally in innovative projects. He has lived and worked in 5 countries: the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada and France, and holds degrees from Durham University, the Open University Business School, and University of London. He is also a Member of the British Computer Society.

Christopher previously held academic positions as Assistant Professor of Strategy at Amsterdam Business School in The Netherlands, Assistant Professor of International Business at Ivey Business School in Canada, and Associate Professor in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department at Neoma Business School in France.

Christopher’s studies have been published in numerous journals, including Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of World Business, Journal of International Marketing, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Research Policy, R&D Management, Information Systems Journal, International Business Review and Journal of International Management.

He has also published a number of teaching cases on international companies such as 3M, Coca-Cola, Olympus, Philips, Tesco, Tesla, Sony, Starbucks and Xerox.

Research Interests

  • International Management
  • International Strategy
  • International Entrepreneurship

Research Groups


    Authored book

  • Williams, C. (2019). Management Consultancy for Innovation. Routledge.
  • Williams, Christopher (2018). Venturing in International Firms: Contexts and Cases in a High-Tech World. Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group).
  • Chapter in book

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  • Journal Article

  • Williams, C., Du, J. & Zhang, H. (2020). International Orientation of Chinese Internet SMEs: Direct and Indirect Effects of Foreign and Indigenous Social Networking Site Use. Journal of World Business 55(3): 101051.
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Contact Details

Associate Professor (Reader) in Management
+44 191 3345314