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Our People

Dr Barbara Bechter

Assistant Professor in HR Management


Barbara is Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management. She holds a PhD in Social and Economic Sciences from the University of Vienna. Prior to joining Durham University Business School in June 2015, she taught at the York Management School. She is an Academic Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

She is interested in international and interdisciplinary research at the intersection between work organizations, society and economy. The scope of her research activities covers research on comparative Human Resource Management, including the international level, and issues concerning individual and collective aspects of the employment relationship. Such aspects are performance management and employee voice, and cross-national and cross-industry differences in the organisational and institutional regulation of employment relationships. Her methodological background covers statistical and qualitative research techniques, with a special expertise in causal case study analysis in small N research. Barbara has extensive experience in externally funded projects. She has successfully developed and led multidisciplinary projects and managed international project teams to produce a successful track record of timely academic publications. She is also interested in contributing to the policy debate around work and employment. Her work is of interest to international organizations, e.g. European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound), and the European Commission.

Recent Projects

2018 - 2020: Barbara’s recent research includes the study on European, National and Transnational Industrial Relations: Visible and Invisible Hands in European and National Wage Setting (ENTIRE VIEW). This international collaborative project is funded by the European Commission to investigate and analyse the reasons for differences in wage developments within the European Union (EU) member states (

2016 - 2018: Barbara’s includes the study on Social Partner Engagement and Effectiveness in European Dialogue (SPEEED). The project investigates the capacity of trade unions and employer organisations in the hospital and metal sector in the EU28 member states to influence policy making at the European sectoral level. She is the principal investigator of this international collaborative project which has been funded by the European Commission (

PhD Supervision

Applications are encouraged in the fields of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations. Areas of special interest are: Performance management, data driven decision making, ethical issues in HRM, regulation of employment issues in different institutional settings at different levels, context and processes of cooperation in employment relations.

Research Interests

  • Comparative Human Resource Management
  • European Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations
  • International Employment Relations
  • Comparative Research Methods

Research Groups


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  • Journal Article

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Contact Details

Assistant Professor in HR Management
+44 191 3345743