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Our People

Professor Tatiana Damjanovic

PhD, MA, MSc

Professor in Macroeconomics

Tatiana Damjanovic joined the Department of Economics at Durham University Business School as Professor in 2015.


Tatiana Damjanovic joined the Department of Economics at Durham University Business School as Professor in 2015. She obtained her first degree in Functional Analysis, Mathematics from the Moscow State University. She has a Masters degree from the New Economic School and worked as a Domestic Debt Expert for the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Professor Damjanovic then obtained her PhD from the Stockholm School of Economics. She previously worked as an Associate Professor at the University of Exeter and as a Lecturer and Reader at the University of St. Andrews. Her primary research area is Macroeconomics and Banking.

Research Interests

  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary policy
  • Macro-prudential policy
  • Economics of Banking
  • Public economics
  • Fiscal policy

Research Groups


    Journal Article

  • Damjanovic, T., Damjanovic, V. & Nolan, C. (2015). Ordering Policy Rules with an Unconditional Welfare Measure.. International Journal of Central Banking 11(1): 103-149.
  • Damjanovic, T., Girdėnas, S. & Liu, K. (2015). Stationarity of econometric learning with bounded memory and a predicted state variable.. Economics Letters 130: 93-96.
  • Damjanovic, T. & Girdėnas, Š. (2014). Quantitative easing and the loan to collateral value ratio.. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 45: 146-164.
  • Damjanovic, T. & Nolan, C. (2011). Second Order Approximation to the Rotemberg Model around a Distorted Steady State. Economics Letters 110(2): 132-135.
  • Damjanovic, T. & Ulph, D. (2010). Tax Progressivity, Income Distribution and Tax Non-Compliance. European Economic Review 54(4, mAY 2010): 594-607.
  • Damjanovic, T. & Nolan, C. (2010). Relative Price Distortions and Inflation Persistence. Economic Journal 120(547): 1080-1099.
  • Damjanovic, T. & Nolan, C. (2010). Seigniorage-maximizing inflation. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 42(2-3): 503-519.
  • Damjanovic, T., Damjanovic, V. & Nolan, C. (2008). Unconditionally Optimal Monetary Policy. Journal of Monetary Economics 55(3): 491-500.

Contact Details

Professor in Macroeconomics
+44 191 3345198