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Our People

Professor Michael Humphreys

Professor of Organisation Studies

Michael’s current research interests include: studies of organizational identity, narrative and change, innovation and improvisation in teams, public sector management, storytelling and sensemaking and qualitative research methodology. He is also exploring links between music, particularly jazz, and the management of organizations.


Michael graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1970 from Leeds University and subsequently went to work for the National Coal Board. He moved into further education in 1974 teaching chemistry in Shipley and Harrogate colleges before taking up a post in Science Education at Bolton Institute of Higher Education. Over the next 16 years as a teacher trainer he worked on technical education projects in Egypt, Turkey, El Salvador and Tanzania completing a PhD by part time study in 1999.

An awakened interest in management research and publication led to a lectureship at Nottingham University in 2001. Progressing through Senior Lecturer and Reader he was appointed as Chair in Organisation Studies in 2007.

Michael’s current research interests include: studies of organisational identity, narrative and change, innovation and improvisation in teams, public sector management, storytelling and sensemaking and qualitative research methodology. He is also exploring links between music, particularly jazz, and the management of organisations.

Research Interests

  • Empirical studies of organizational identity and change
  • Public sector management
  • Research methodology including autoethnographic and reflexive approaches to organizational analysis

Research Groups


    Chapter in book

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  • Journal Article

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Professor of Organisation Studies