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Monday 27th July by Andy

Based in the village on Monday, after the usual bumpy ride up to Ihalagalagama by public bus we first went to the pre-school. Always happy to see us, the smaller children there were a lot of fun as usual. After some customary colouring in we then played numerous games with them, first with tennis and softer volleyballs, then introducing footballs and the small pop up nets which they soon got to grips with, with the boys in particular smashing balls into the net! Afterwards we brought out the parachute which had been well received the first time it was used the previous week, and this time was just as fun for the boys and girls and even their mums to join in with!

Following our morning with the pre-school we then moved down to the main school where the older children had finished their morning exam. They were all very keen to get playing some sport on the playground and we sorted them into groups with the boys playing cricket on one side and the girls (with Sam and Andy completing their formidable team line-up) playing volleyball against some male staff members. Another strong performance saw us running out 2-1 winners in games! Afterwards we managed to find time for both boys and girls to play a quick game of football using the small pop up goals which was a typically fierce and competitive affair that involved several mass bundles of kicking shins rather than the ball!

until 1 January 1970

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