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Durham University

Van Mildert College

Sports and Societies


There is a strong history of sport at Van Mildert and it forms a central and vital part of student life in the College. With over 20 sports clubs in the College, ranging from the traditional (such as Rugby) to the more unique (such as Ultimate Frisbee), there is a sports club for everyone.

With such a wide range of different sports, and multiple teams within each club, all clubs are able to accommodate students of all abilities, whether a seasoned pro or a complete newcomer. This means that you’ll be able to represent the College regardless of ability and contribute points to the Inter-Collegiate Competition, where we’ve consistantly been in the top 3 over recent years.

The great thing about sport at Mildert is that it is highly flexible. Students can participate in numerous college sports without compromising other aspects of their University Life. For example, many take on Exec roles across different clubs and still find the time to participate in societies in the College and across the Uni as well.

There is a great competitive spirit between the teams and they regularly come out to support it each other, especially the big Friday night cup matches! Both on and off the pitch, Mildert sport is loved and supported by all and is an integral part of College life.


Societies play a key role as part of student life at Van Mildert College. Our wide range of different societies allow students to follow up any interest that they want to pursue, whether it is brand new or an age-old love. Many of the Societies within the College take on an active role in the running of the College’s biggest events, such as Jam by the Lake (the largest student-run open-air music festival in the North East) and the College Charity Fashion Show

Being part of a society at Van Mildert (or as many as you like!) allows students to take on a variety of different roles within that society. You can be part of the exec, and run some of the College’s biggest events, or a member of the Society and just be involved in the day to day part of the Society. Ultimately being a part of a Van Mildert Society is a great way to meet new people across different years and to enjoy doing something that you love!