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Van Mildert is located 'on the hill' approximately 15 minutes' walk from the centre of Durham City. We are close to the University's Lower Mountjoy, approximately a 10-minute stroll, and only a few minutes walk to the rest of the University Departments.

Our Grounds

The college grounds on a sunny, clear dayOur beautiful grounds centre around a stunning lake, great for picnics in the summer and a brisk walk in winter. We even have our very own ducks, for whom we have built their own "duck house", a couple of resident swans, and on occasion, we are visited by an otter who appears to be taking a break from life on the River Wear.



The Mildert Feather

The Mildert Feather sculpture by Danish artist Erik HeideBy the lake, set against the beautiful Jubilee Garden, is the Mildert Feather. A very special sculpture by the Danish artist Erik Heide, it is a rotating metal mallard feather created in 2015 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Van Mildert College and the achievements of the College, its students past and present, and its staff.

We hope you will join us as the Guardians of the Feather and help ensure that this artwork, a key part of our heritage, will remain for many years to come, signalling the ambitions and achievements of our great College.