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Junior Common Room

A group of students all wearing yellow t-shirts

The Junior Common Room is at the heart of college life, representing all undergraduate students (studying for three - or four-year degrees) at Van Mildert College who opt to be members. It provides innumerable services and facilities to its members, including the chance for everyone to play a significant role in running their College and its common rooms.

Participation is what makes Durham University's collegiate system unique and gives each college its individual character; nowhere else can undergraduates become so involved in a community run by and for students. With annual expenditure exceeding £200,000 and many sports teams, committees, volunteering projects, and societies, plus a body of students elected to the 'Exec' to oversee all this, the Mildert JCR is a very special place.

We have a bar, shop, and gym, all run by students (they can work on the shop and bar to earn a little extra). MildArts and the Sports Clubs are also part of what the JCR provides to its members.

With a wide range of sports and multiple teams within each club, all sports clubs can accommodate students of all abilities, whether seasoned pro or a complete newcomer. This means that you'll be able to turn out in the famous yellow and black kit of Team Mildert to represent the College, regardless of ability; and contribute points to the Inter-Collegiate Competition, where we've consistently been in the top 3 over recent years.

There is an immense volunteering heritage here - we run six outreach projects working with local schools, carers and others, with nearly half of all Durham University volunteers coming from Mildert. And we made it to the international finals of the Green Gown Awards in Marseilles, competing as a college of just 1,500 students against entire universities coming from as far away as Tasmania!

On top of all that we have a dedicated listening, non-judgmental, support network called Talk & Support, run by and for Mildert students which runs an anonymous phone and messaging service throughout the year, as well as providing sexual health supplies and signposting to further points of reference, such as clinics and helplines.

Join us in the impassioned, boisterous, welcoming, diverse community of students that is Van Mildert College JCR!