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Durham University

Van Mildert College

Outreach and Charity Work

Van Mildert is reknowned for its outreach and community spirit. With 6 College Outreach Projects, and Mildertians often contributing further to university outreach (DUCK and SCA among others) as well. Outreach has become synonymous with Van Mildert - our motto is 'sic vos non vobis', not for yourselves.

Community and Outreach Projects

There are many outreach projects that you can get involved with at Van Mildert. These include the following:

DUCK at Mildert

DUCK is the Durham University Charities Kommittee. It works by co-ordinating fundraising by students throughout Durham. The key to the success of charities in Durham and at Van Mildert is that DUCK emphasises the "fun" part of fundraising. University-level events include:

  • Sponsored Hitch-hikes to European capitals like Dublin, Amsterdam, Madrid etc.
  • Sponsored climbs of Kilimanjaro, Skydives and other 'extreme sports'
  • Rag-Raids in Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow etc.
  • Fundraising events like "Back2School" at the Student's Union
  • Charity Sports Matches
  • Grand Duck Races on the River

Van Mildert regularly comes out as the top fundraisers for DUCK, with the college branch organising a whole number of college-level events throughout the year, many of which take place during the annual "DUCK Week". Here is a taste of a few of those events...

  • 'Hits' at Dinner - If you pay DUCK money, they will 'hit' your friends with baked beans, water, shaving foam, custard pies etc. whilst they eat their dinner.
  • Bops - DJs, live music and DUCK cocktails where you can party-on knowing that of all the money you spend, the proceeds will go to good causes.
  • Auctions - 'Fresher Reps' are auctioned off to the highest bidder after Freshers' week, to do with as you will. Often the bidding can go as high as £80 for the most "popular" individuals!
  • Valentine's 'Hits' - Present your loved ones with flowers, chocolates or a card at the St. Valentine's Day Formal Dinner. Romantic and Charitable!

There are loads more events - too many to name! But the emphasis is on having a good time as well as raising money for deserving causes.

Sic vos non vobis

(Not for yourselves)

The College is named after William Van Mildert (1765-1836), the last Prince Bishop of Durham. An Englishman of Dutch descent, he was instrumental in the founding of Durham University in 1832 and his castle is the present University College. His portrait hangs in Van Mildert College's Ann Dobson Hall.

The College Motto is his too – sic vos non vobis.