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Durham University

Van Mildert College

Academic Events

The following are examples of academic events which are held within Van Mildert College:

  • Lectures and Seminars, given by IAS Prowse and COFUND Fellows associated with Van Mildert College and also members of our Senior Common Room.
  • Workshops, i.e. 'Ask an Academic', Trust Scholars Speaking Evening, Careers Events - given by members of our Alumni community for the benefit of Van Mildert College current students etc.
  • Presentation Evenings, i.e. Travel Bursary Presentation evenings given by our students who have received travel bursary awards from College/Alumni members.
  • Inter-collegiate Discussion Forum, an afternoon of talks and poster presentations from Postgraduate students from Van Mildert, St. Aidan's, St. Mary's and Trevelyan Colleges.

For further information about any of the above events which we are holding this current year please see the relevant pages, or contact the Development Officer at


  • Van Mildert MCR Postgraduate Seminar Series - 2 March 2017 (Jonathan Packham (Music): Look around you (2017) performative nonlinearity in the context of a virtual reality mobile score and Sraddha Venkataraman (English): The 'heart's rewardings': John Clare's aching imaginings)
  • IAS Fellow's Lecture - 9 February 2017 (Prof. Ida Susser: Public Intellectuals, Grassroots Movements and the Politics of Scale)
  • Bishop Van Mildert Annual Lecture - 8 February 2017 (Prof. Anthony Milton: The Church of England and European Protestantism, 1559-1662: New Light on an Old Theme)
  • SCR Lecture - 26 January 2017 (Prof. Stuart Wilson: Electricity and Life)
  • SCR Lecture - 29 November 2016 (Prof. Peter Doyle: Kitchener's Army and the Somme)
  • Van Mildert College Trust Annual Lecture - 17 November 2016 (The Rt Hon. Lord Malloch-Brown: Small World, Big Problems: Why we need multilateralism more than ever)


  • Van Mildert International Lecture - 21st February 2014, 6.00 pm, Ustinov Room (the Norwegian Ambassador, Mr Kim Traavik: Title to be confirmed)

  • SCR Public Lecture - 28th November 2013, 6.00 pm, Ustinov Room (Speaker to be confirmed)

  • SCR Public Lecture - 7th November 2013, 6.00 pm, Ustinov Room (Speaker to be confirmed)

  • Van Mildert MCR Postgraduate Seminar Series - 5th November 2013, 7.00 pm, Ustinov Room (Speakers to be confirmed).

  • Van Mildert MCR Postgraduate Seminar Series - 15th October 2013, 7.00 pm, Lakeside Room (Carissa Bussard (English Literature): Galesia and the Myth of Romance: Examining the Limitations of Gender and Genre in the Life and Works of Jane Barker, 1652-1732) and (Jack Patterson (English Literature): Trauma and Popular Culture in the early works of Thomas Pynchon).


  • SCR Lecture Series - 4 June 2013 (Prof. Chris Higgins: Stem cells research – science, medicine and ethics)
  • Van Mildert MCR Postgraduate Seminar Series - 28 May 2013 (Rob Doherty (History): Nowhere to Nowhere: The Humber Bridge, Humberside and English Regional Identity, 1962-1996) and (Donald MacLennan (Classics): Judaeans and the Hellenic City: Ethnic, Cultural and Religious Conflict in the Herodian Kingdom, 63 BC - AD 66)

  • SCR Talk - 21 May 2013 (Dr Marek Szablewski: Surviving Warsaw 1939-1945: Untold Stories of Occupation and the Ghetto)

  • Bishop Van Mildert Annual Lecture - 14 May 2013 (Prof. Andrew Spicer: Building a Potestant Church: Architecture and Religious Change in the British Isles, c. 1559-1662)

  • Van Mildert College SCR Public Lectures - 23 April 2013 (Prof. Mike Bentley: The Antarctic Ice Sheet and Climate Change)

  • Inaugural Lecture - 28 February 2013 (Prof. David Harper: The Dawn of Modern Ecosystems: An Early Palaeozoic carnival of the animals). If you missed the lecture, it can be viewed here -

  • IAS Prowse Fellow Lecture - 13 November 2012 (Dr. David Martin-Jones: The Cinematic Temporalities of Modernity: Gilles Deleuze encounters World Cinemas)