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Van Mildert College

 Van Mildert College

Welcome to our Van Mildert College website

Centred around a lake in spacious, leafy grounds, Van Mildert College offers a beautiful setting in which to live and study. As one of the larger 'hill colleges' with a diverse community of around 1000 students, staff and tutors from all over the world, Van Mildert offers a relaxed and lively environment with a wide range of clubs and societies on offer. We are particularly well-known for our community spirit, with our growing number of outreach projects, and we are regularly the top fundraisers for DUCK  (Durham University Charities Kommittee).

Some good reasons for choosing Van Mildert...

Generosity and Vision: Our genuine commitment to the wider Durham community is well-recognised across the University. We are proud of our portfolio of outreach projects and our students are always keen to find new ways of making a contribution to community life. Our outstanding success in fundraising is further proof of the generous and creative spirit of all Mildertians who live up to our college motto 'Sic vos non vobis' - 'Not for yourselves'.

Participation: Our full and varied social calendar provides a platform for students to perform, entertain and project-manage numerous small and large-scale events ranging from our fashion show, to our '48-hour production', to our Summer Ball. Van Mildert is also one of the sporting powerhouses of the University and has often come top of the college league tables. The skill base among our students never fails to impress and allows many of them to gain very useful practical experience whilst having a lot of fun.

Space to be Yourself: Based on mutual respect and tolerance Mildert offers an inclusive and responsive environment which continues to evolve in line with the changing needs and interests of our members. We therefore encourage discussion and participation in decision making but, at the same time, we recognise that students are also looking for space to be themselves through their studies and social life.

"There was a genuine team ethos demonstrated and staff are passionate about creating a good community of learning. The atmosphere in the college was positive. Students feel well supported and that staff are very approachable."

Commendation by the University Review Team, 2013

50th Anniversary of Van Mildert College (Reunion Weekend)

Celebrating 50 years of Van Mildert College - a fabulous Van Mildert Association Reunion Weekend was had by all (10th-12th July 2015)

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