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Seedcorn Grants

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If you work in an institution offering Common Awards programmes, or are in other ways associated with the partnership, and have an idea for relevant collaborative research, you might consider applying for one of our Seedcorn Grants.

Changes to the Seedcorn Grant scheme for 2018

Please note that the Seedcorn Grant scheme is different this year.

  1. We are introducing thematic grants. It is still possible to apply for seedcorn grants on any topic, but we are also looking specifically for proposals related to our current theme of 'theological reflection'. Head to our 'theological reflection' page, watch the short videos opening out the theme, look at some of the additional resources provided, and see whether any of that material inspires you to think of a possible project..
  2. We are removing the size restriction on individual grants for the Common Awards Seedcorn Grants. We have a pot of £12,000 available in total, and proposals can be for projects of any size up to that total. Note, however, that the judges will only award grants over £2,000 where they are particularly impressed with the scope, likely fruitfulness, and breadth of collaboration involved in a project.

Application process

Full details are available in the call for applications; applications should be made using the application form.

Why 'theological reflection'?

There is a lot of talk of theological reflection in theological education, including around the Common Awards partnership. Yet there are multiple understandings of what the phrase means, how valuable it is, what methods are appropriate to it, and how it can be taught. It can have something of a 'marmite' effect on students: some can't get enough of it, others pull a sour face the moment they smell it. We are interested in projects that explore what (if anything) theological reflection means, and how it might best be practised and taught.

Successful Projects from Earlier Rounds

For a list of successful projects from Earlier Rounds, please go here.