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Centre for Catholic Studies

Project 2: Receptive Ecumenism and Ecclesial Learning: learning to be church together

Second International Receptive Ecumenism Conference (January 2009, Durham University)

Where the primary focus in 2006 was on illustrating, testing and refining the proposed strategy of Receptive Ecumenism in specific relation to Roman Catholicism, the second conference in January 2009 complemented this by inviting representatives of an even broader range of ecclesial traditions themselves to engage in the challenging yet creative exercise of self-critical receptive ecclesial learning from their own respective significant others. The event brought together approximately 200 church leaders, theologians, ecumenists, ecclesial bureaucrats, social scientists, organisational experts, and local church practitioners to spend four days and nights together. This conference focused on developing Receptive Ecumenism as an ecumenical strategy across a broad range of Christian traditions to highlight its relevance at the level of local church life.

Resources and Report on 2009 Conference