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Centre for Catholic Studies

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Become a Friend of the Durham Centre for Catholic Studies and help it to achieve things which otherwise would be impossible (e.g. student scholarships). All of the developments thus far have been made possible through generous benefaction. We now need further Friends to help the Centre achieve its full potential.

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CCS Scholarships and Bursaries

One of the ways in which organisations partner with the CCS is by funding scholarships and bursaries for postgraduate study. Below, CCS bursary/scholarship holders describe their research and what the support means to them. The text is taken from speeches given at our annual Friends' and Benefactors' day.

Revd Boram Cha
"I find myself grateful for learning new and positive things, which has transformed my fundamental attitude about what mutual relations in the body of Christ can be. I do hope that what I’ve learned through CCS will be able to make a small yet meaningful contribution to developing the mutual understanding of Catholic and Protestant relations in the context of Korea." (full text)
Billy Crozier
"The decision of the CCS to understand theology as a dynamic, ever-changing discipline, which both shapes, and in turn is shaped by, the life of the church, has produced a unique scholarly environment; one in which the pursuit of theological learning, both that of its staff and students, is placed within the broader narrative of the Christian community and its ever changing witness to the Gospel." (full text)
Connor Hey
"Studying theology was a way for me to encounter Christ, an encounter that has allowed me to grow in my personal faith and ultimately to discern that I want to give my life to God in the form of the priesthood." (full text)
Pat Jones
"I am researching how Catholic charities understand their identity, and how their links to the Catholic Church and its teaching influence their practice. Using empirical methods, I am exploring how they embody or engage with Catholic social teaching, and what they represent in the relationship between church and state. The research aims to be of use to Catholic charities as well as providing a voice for their experience in academic and ecclesial debate." (full text)
Myka Lahaie
"I’m incredibly grateful for the financial support I’ve received and for the opportunity to be connected with the Center for Catholic Studies. I’ve learned so much from the variety of seminars hosted by the CCS this year and have benefitted from the many opportunities for discussion during the shared meals following each seminar." (full text)
Revd Lynn McChlery
"I’m a minister in Church of Scotland, and for the past 25 years a practitioner of Ignatian Spirituality. My PhD is entitled, ‘How do you know it’s God? Vocational discernment and God’s call to applicants for ministry’." (full text)
Claire Marsland
"I have received a bursary from the Mary Ward Postgraduate Scholarship fund for which I am extremely grateful. The focus of my research project is Early modern Catholic Material Culture. In particular, to examine evidence of the impact of counter-reformation reforms on English Catholic liturgical plate and vestments, between 1580-1690. My inspiration for investigating material culture is my seven- year experience as a museums professional." (full text)
Greg Ryan
"My research examines a perennial question for the Church: how do we understand doctrine so as to be faithful both to Tradition and to the context, language and needs of the contemporary situation. The CCS vision of a committed Catholic voice in the academy, working ecclesially but independently, embodies just this kind of broad, inter-disciplinary approach." (full text)
Adam Shaeffer
"It has been a distinct joy to be part of the Centre for Catholic Studies this year, to hear and learn from such a diverse and insightful group of scholars. The breadth of subjects presented in this year’s seminars has been a rich blessing, as has the fellowship of this gracious community." (full text)
Francis Stewart
"I hope that as I am educated more into the methodology of Catholic Social Teaching it will help me to be a better member of the Durham Martyr’s parish, helping me to link up the Gospel with practise with the Justice and Peace group." (full text)

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