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Centre for Catholic Studies


Dr Elizabeth Phillips (Westcott House, University of Cambridge)
7 June 2018
Prof. Simon Oliver (Durham University)
17 May 2018
Inaugural Teilhard Seminar, supported by the British Teilhard Network

Prof. Neil Ormerod (Australian Catholic University)
How the Trinitarian God Acts in Creation: Augustine, Aquinas and Lonergan
15 November 2017

Catherine Pepinster (former editor of The Tablet)
The Keys and The Kingdom: The British and the Papacy from John Paul II to Francis
2 November 2017

Prof. Christoph Hübenthal (Radboud University, The Netherlands)
15 June 2017
Prof. Staf Hellemans (Tilburg University)
8 June 2017
Dr Anna Rowlands (Durham University)
2 June 2017
Prof. Mike Higton (Durham University)
18 May 2017
Prof. Gerard Kelly (Catholic Institute of Sydney)
8 May 2017
Prof. Christopher Southgate (University of Exeter)
14 March 2017
Dr David Elliott (University of Cambridge)
3 November 2016
Prof. Stephan van Erp (University of Leuven)
7 June 2016
Fr Prof. Luigi Gioia (Pontifical University S. Anselmo, Rome)
9 February 2016

Universities as Places of Encounter Between Faith and Culture: A Public Conversation with His Eminence Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (President of the Pontifical Council for Culture), Bishop Paul Tighe (Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture), Professor Paul Murray (Centre for Catholic Studies) and Dr Stefano Cracolici, with a response by Professor Karen Kilby (Durham University)
Bishop Dunn Memorial Lecture 2018
1 May 2018
Dr Gabriel Glickman (University of Cambridge)
Douai/Ushaw 450th Anniversary Lecture 1
6 March 2018
Dr Jack Cunningham (Bishop Grosseteste University)
22 February 2018

Prof. Nicole Reinhardt (Durham University)
Sin, Confession and Politics: Royal Confessions in Seventeenth-Century Catholic Europe
24 January 2018

Sr Dr Ethna Regan (Dublin City University)
Bearing Scars and Forging Hope: The Church’s Flawed Expertise in Humanity
(Bishop Dunn Memorial Lecture)
22 June 2017

Dr Carol Richardson (Edinburgh College of Art)
Arts and Artefacts: Change is Continuity at the Venerable English College, Rome
(Lecture organised by the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture and the Department of Theology & Religion, Durham University)
26 January 2017

Prof. Bennett Zon (Durham University)
O Come All Ye Faithful: A Musical Mystery Tour
13 December 2016

Prof. Anne Thayer (Lancaster Theological Seminary, Pennsylvania)
A Monk's Books: Windows on Religious Life in Early Sixteenth Century England
22 November 2016

Prof. Stuart Corbridge, Dr Mark Hayes, Dr Augusto Zampini Davies, Dr Severine Deneulin
Joint Ushaw/Catholic Social Thought and Practice Lecture
25 February 2016
Also available as a video.
Dr Mark Hayes (St Hilda Reader Emeritus and Honorary Fellow, Durham University)
Lecture given at CAFOD, Romero House, London on 21 Nov 2016
Slides (pdf)
Paper (pdf)
Prof. Stuart Corbridge, Dr Mark Hayes, Dr Augusto Zampini Davies, Dr Severine Deneulin
Joint Ushaw/Catholic Social Thought and Practice Lecture
25 February 2016
Also available as a video.

Conference: The Spirit of Catholic Renewal: Signs, Sources, and Calling (The Tablet 175th Anniversary Conference, 2015)

2-4 November 2015, Durham, UK
Audio-recordings of some of the key symposia are below. For a full list of resources available, including videos and full text pdfs, please see the conference webpage.
Prof. Janet Soskice (University of Cambridge): Chair
Dr Alana Harris (Kings College London): A Social-Scientific Reading of the Contemporary Catholic Cultural Moment
Prof. Tina Beattie (University of Roehampton): Theological Reading of the Contemporary Catholic Cultural Moment: Family Matters
Dr Mark Hayes (Durham University): Chair
Dr Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator SJ (Hekima University College, Nairobi): An African Perspective on Globalisation, Poverty, and the Call to Serve the Common Good
Dr Anna Rowlands (Durham University): For I Was a Stranger: Globalisation, Migrancy, Asylum, and Catholicism
Prof. Gerard Loughlin (Durham University): Chair
Sr Dr Ethna Regan (Dublin City University): Speaker
Fr Timothy Radcliffe, OP (Las Casas Institute, Blackfriars, Oxford): Speaker

Conference: Catholicism, Literature and the Arts, 1850 to the Present (Durham, July 2017)

Paul Anthony Murray (Dublin)
Catholic Ireland / Catholic Writing

Prof. Eamon Duffy (Magdalene College, Cambridge)
Wars of Religion: The English Reformation in Fiction and Faction

Dr Melanie McDonagh (London Evening Standard)
Catholicism and Journalism

HE Daniel Mulhall (Ambassador of Ireland to Great Britain)
James Joyce and Irish Catholicism

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