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St Mary's College

Bursaries & Scholarships

College Bursaries and Scholarships

The College is in receipt of kind donations by members of its alumni community that enables it to make a number of awards each year. The majority of the scholarships and bursaries available support travel for personal development or academic purposes. Invitations to apply for these bursaries and scholarships are made at set times during the course of the year.

The Fairbairn Scholarships

These scholarships have been funded by Sir Robert and Lady Sarah Fairbairn, former students of Grey and St Mary’s Colleges respectively, both graduating in 1987. “Rob and Griff”, as they are known to many alumni and friends, are now based in New York where Rob serves on the Global Executive Committee of BlackRock and Griff serves as a senior board member of Dunelm USA – the University’s affiliated charity in the US. They have 4 children all currently in secondary and higher education.

The generosity of Robert and Sarah will provide for two Fairbairn Scholars each year, for the next three years, each scholarship will be worth c .£7500 per student: c. £2500 per year for three years (or £1875 per year over four years) depending on the exchange rate, to be awarded annually. One scholarship is offered for an undergraduate student of St Mary’s College and one for an undergraduate of Grey College.

For further information please visit the Fairbairn Scholarship webpage

Cicely Alice Campbell Awards

The Cicely Alice Campbell Endowment Fund was established in 1993 to support UK undergraduates of St Mary’s College who are in need of financial assistance. From 2017-18, UK undergraduate students in the first year of their studies (either year 1 of their degree programme or their Foundation Year) at St Mary’s College are eligible for an Award if:

  • At the start of the academic year they have an assessed (by SFE or equivalent) household income under £42,875 (this is the income level whereby you receive a maintenance loan and there is no expectation of a parental contribution – this is a UK government decision so is subject to change)


  • Are not in receipt of any other bursary (e.g. Durham Grant, Supported Progression or the Fairbairn Scholarship (from 2018))

Awards will typically be in the region of £200 but the amount of the award will depend on the interest available from the endowment and the number of eligible students in any given year (awards may, therefore, be higher or lower than this stated amount). The purpose of the Award is to help recipients engage with opportunities available within College or the University more broadly in their first year.

The St Mary's College Society Book Fund

St Mary's College Society (SMCS) is the College's alumni association and they administer a book fund to help students who are in need of financial assistance with the cost of their academic books. Further details of their book fund can be on the SMCS website.

Travel Bursaries

Irene Calvert Travel Bursaries

To the total value of £1,000, may be awarded each year by the St Mary’s College Council to any student members of the College towards the cost of travel which may or may not be related to their course of study.

Valerie Clark Travel Bursary

Multiple awards up to the value of £250 each may be awarded by the College Council of St Mary’s College each year to undergraduates or postgraduates of the College to assist with the cost of travel for both academic related travel and personal development related travel.

Margaret Fergusson Travel Scholarships

Two awards up to the value of £350 each may be awarded by the College Council of St Mary’s College each year to undergraduates or postgraduates of the College towards the cost of study or travel in Mediterranean countries. Preference would be given in the first instance to students in the Departments of Classics, Archaeology, Theology or Modern Languages.

Mary Holdsworth Travel Scholarship

This scholarship, to the value of £350, may be awarded by the College Council of St Mary's College each year to one or more undergraduates of the College towards the cost of travel beyond the requirements of their course. Applications will be particularly welcomed from those visiting Africa or the Soviet Union and concerned to further cultural relations between nations.

Jane Roscoe Cultural Bursary

This Bursary, up to the value of £200, may be awarded by the College Council of St Mary's College each year to one undergraduate of the College in their second year to spend in their third year. The purpose of the bursary is to enhance the study of a particular cultural aspect of a modern foreign language, history, art history (modules), English Literature, or any other relevant subject. The award can be used to visit museums and galleries to view relevant exhibitions, visit theatres and cinemas to watch relevant plays and films, or to attend a relevant supplementary course.

St Mary's College Society Travel Bursary

This bursary, to the total value of £1,000 (2 x £500 max), may be awarded at the discretion of the Principal of St Mary's College each year to undergraduates or postgraduates towards finance or travel.

Choral Scholarships

There are six scholarships, each attracting a monetary award and non-monetary benefits, as follows (monetary award for 2017/18 indicated):

  1. Director of Music [Chapel] (£500 per annum)
  2. Asst. Director of Music [Chapel] (£300 per annum)
  3. Soprano Choral Scholar (£150 per annum)
  4. Alto Choral Scholar (£150 per annum)
  5. Tenor Choral Scholar (£150 per annum)
  6. Bass Choral Scholar (£100 per annum)

For further details please visit the Choral Scholarships webpage

Academic Prizes

St Mary's College has a small number of academic subject Prizes which are funded via separate endowments. The awards are made on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners in the appropriate academic department at the end of each academic year.

University Scholarships and Bursaries

In addition to the above College Bursaries, there are a number of University scholarships and bursaries that students can apply for prior to commencing their studies. For further information about these sources of funding please visit: