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Middle Common Room (MCR)

In St Mary's College, postgraduate, mature and fourth-year undergraduate students combine to form the Middle Common Room (MCR). All MCR members are also members of the Junior Common Room (JCR) and thus can use both Common Rooms' facilities and attend both their social events.

The existence of the MCR means that postgraduates have a distinctive identity within college, as well as their own common room.

The MCR is run by an elected Executive Committee consisting of a President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Secretary and Livers Out representative. Part of the President's role is representing the MCR on the College Council and to College Officers.

The Executive Committee is elected in the first few weeks of the Michaelmas Term. It sends round regular updates and invitations to social events which are organised throughout the year.

Any member of the MCR can stand for election to an MCR Exec position; the JCR President is responsible for running the elections.

Membership of the MCR normally costs £35 per year.

If you have any further questions on about the MCR, please contact the MCR President.