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Junior Common Room (JCR)

The JCR stands for the ‘Junior Common Room’ – Here, we’re not referring to a physical room, but to the body of undergraduate students who make up St Mary’s College, Durham University. There are lots of different things that make Durham and its collegiate system unique, but the one thing that makes Durham especially different and especially sought after, is its Common Rooms. Small undergraduate communities, unique to each Durham college, that are here for students.

The JCR is a student led organisation that is best known for the role it plays, in defining the wider student experience, support & welfare networks, and providing a small, personalised community that you become a part of, and grow in throughout your time here. The JCR is overseen by the JCR President and their executive committee, who deal with all things student related. From the most basic matters like food in college, to the welfare of students, to organising countless social events such as Formals & Balls.

Your JCR & College experience will define your time at Durham, and will leave a lasting impression about the value of a small community environment where you can get involved in new things, meet new people, experience unique traditions & leave here as an accomplished graduate.

But also, most crucially, the JCR acts as a springboard in helping you remain supported, have fun, and build friendships while you’re here – and this is what’s most special about being a part of a student-led, student centred community. What the common Room and College structure will provide you with, is not only a basis for having the best 3 or 4 years here, but will provide you with a grounding and an identity as a Mary’s student, that very few people let go of.

Whether it’s with sports, societies, formals, balls, committees or leadership roles, people can come in at whatever experience or exposure level they’ve had in the past, and are encouraged to grow through all that we offer. Crucially, the JCR is the platform from which you’ll go onto meet friends for life, experience some of the most exciting times of your life, and most importantly, find a home. Two things you’ll never lack here are opportunity and support, and these are most crucially what the JCR provides.

The Junior Common Room is about students, it exists for students and it is led by students. The experience, welfare and support of students is at the heart of everything we do. Most crucially, Mary’s students may come to University thinking they are here for one thing, but what the College and JCR structure provides is an experience that encapsulates so much more than simply their degree.


For a better idea of what Mary's is all about, visit the JCR Website.

If you have any further questions on life in Mary's, the JCR or anything else, please contact the JCR President or telephone 0191 334 5933 (office).