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St Mary's College

Research and Fellowships


St Mary’s College facilitates research-related activities in various ways:

  • hosting visiting fellows from wide-ranging academic disciplines from the UK and overseas
  • encouraging Members of College to undertake research in the college context and share their projects and publications
  • promoting seminars and events for both undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • embed research centre and institute activities in the College

Key Research Areas in College

Applied Social Sciences

Professor Simon Hackett Principal of the College and Professor in the School of Applied Social Sciences. His work relates largely to child maltreatment in its various forms and to professional responses designed to safeguard children’s welfare.

Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse (CRiVA)

Based within the School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse (CRiVA) is dedicated to improving knowledge about interpersonal violence and abuse and to improving professional and societal responses. As such, the Centre has research impact at its core. Professors Westmarland and Hackett both have backgrounds in the voluntary sector – working towards ending violence and abuse in society – and this is a driving force in the work of CRiVA. The Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse was launched by joint directors Professor Nicole Westmarland and Professor Simon Hackett in June 2013.

Institute of Advanced Study

The all-Faculty Institute of Advanced Study facilitates cross-disciplinary research to which the Collegiate environment is ideally suited. St Mary’s welcomes IAS Fellows on a regular basis, working in a wide range of disciplines but always within the Institute’s current annual theme whilst living in College as part of its community.