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St Mary's College

 St Mary's College

Welcome to St Mary's College

Established in 1899, St Mary's is Durham's third oldest College. Originally founded as a pioneering women-only College, our community is now mixed and comprises around 750 undergraduate members and 150 postgraduates. We also have a cohort of part-time distance learning students (c 300). We are a relatively small, traditional, warm and friendly College situated in a great location. Our neoclassical buildings and extensive grounds provide a beautiful environment in which to live and study. We offer outstanding levels of pastoral support and opportunities for academic success. We combine the very best elements of Durham.


Why choose St Mary's College?

  • A diverse and friendly community: Warm and accepting,St Mary's is known in Durham as being one of the friendliest colleges. Wherever in the world and whatever background you are from, St Mary's will welcome you.

  • Traditional and dynamic: We are modern and dynamic in our outlook, encouraging our students to cultivate new interests, societies and initiatives, yet we still very much value our heritage and traditions. We hold gowned formal meals with some of the best food anywhere in the University.

  • A brilliant location: Our College is excellently placed for the central student services located in the University's Palatine Centre, the University's Bill Bryson Library, and many academic departments. It is little more than a mile away from the University Sports Centre and within easy access to the City centre. All this coupled with beautiful grounds and an inspiring view of Durham Cathedral.

  • Vibrant and active: There are always things to get involved with at Mary's. We are especially known for our activity in the arts and music and have a very high participation rate in sport. We are proud of our student engagement with volunteering in the local community through organisations such as Student Community Action and Durham University Charities Kommittee (DUCK).

What our students say about us

“There is definitely something special about Mary’s. There are so many incredible opportunities and everyone is so friendly.” (Finalist, 2016)

“Mary’s is such an accepting place, no matter who you are, where you are from, or what you enjoy.” (Finalist, 2016)

“To have such a warm, welcoming and accepting family waiting for you is very special. Never again will I find such a supportive, fun and inspiring group of people, all joined together by mutual fondness for, and proud identity in, St Mary’s.” (Finalist, 2016)

“I remember the first time coming to Mary’s and the immediate feeling of having a home away from home. The College has housed so many memories, but going from missing home to having such a strong network of friends has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I’ll always remember it warmly.” (Finalist, 2016)

What our independent College Review said in 2016:

“The Review Team noted the exceptional standard of student support provided at all levels throughout the College. College staff act as one team to deliver a comprehensive student support offering.”

Undergraduate students

To choose St Mary's as your preferred college, you need to add 'M' on your UCAS form in the College campus code section.

Postgraduate students

To choose St Mary's as your preferred college, you need to express a preference for St Mary's College on your online University application form -

Contact Details

St Mary's College
Elvet Hill Road
+44 (0)191 334 5719

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