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Durham University

St John's College

Induction form for new postgraduates living in College

This questionnaire is to be completed by all new postgraduate students who will be resident in St John’s College 2020/21. Please complete and submit by Thursday 10 September 2020.

The information you provide here will help us plan for your arrival, allocate College accommodation, and to seek to ensure any special dietary requirements and/or medical needs can be met. It will be treated confidentially by the College and University in line with the College privacy policies, will only be used for the purposes outlined, and will be destroyed/deleted by the end of your first academic year, if you withdraw from your studies, or are no longer a member of St John's College, whichever occurs first. If you have any queries about the collection and/or storage of this information then please feel free to get in touch with College via email on

The College Privacy Notice for Students can be accessed here:

* denotes a compulsory field.

Personal details

This has 9 numbers and starts 000, e.g. 000012345.

Please ensure that this is an up to date personal email address. We will use this to correspond with you until your Durham email account is active.


According to UK Governmental Covid-19 guidance, are you an international student from one of the countries outside of the Common Travel Area that requires 2 weeks quarantining on arrival? If yes, the College will allocate you an en-suite room in College for the two weeks prior to Fresher’s week free of charge. You are required to complete this short form to let the University know about your period of quarantine.

We can provide accommodation at no extra charge from 12th September for your quarantine period. Quarantine should be 14 days. 

License agreements start on Wednesday 23 September. Requests for earlier arrival than 23 September should be directed to

For a charge, College can provide you with a bed linen pack. For more information, please visit. The pack comprises of  1 sheet, 1 duvet cover, 2 pillowcases, 1 bath towel & 1 hand towel. £30 for single bed, £35 for double bed. For more information, please visit

Health and special requirements
Please provide only a brief note in this form, and email us with more detailed information, including any emergency plan or special needs, at We appreciate that you may have already submitted this information to Disability Support. If you prefer not to send us information separately, please contact Disability Support at and give your permission for them to share the information with College.

This includes medical conditions, mental health issues, disabilities, etc. which should be factored in when we make room allocations and prepare for your arrival.

This information will assist the Catering Team to prepare for your dietary requirements if relevant. Please note that all of our public spaces, shared kitchens and dining rooms are nut free zones. If you have any questions about catering options, or you wish to provide more details about your special dietary needs, please email the Catering Team on

The University is providing all students with two washable face masks. It is helpful for us to know if you are medically exempt from wearing one as face masks are required in all communal areas across the campus and in College. Furthermore, the UK Government requires everyone to wear a face mask or covering in all shops and on public transport.

As face masks are a requirement across College and the wider campus, it is useful for us to know if you rely on lip reading when communicating with others to ensure we can meet your requirements as best we can while still complying to government guidance
Room allocation in College
This information helps us allocate you in College accommodation. Please note that we only have standard postgraduate rooms with shared bathroom facilities.

For example, if you like staying up late or like to get up early, if you prefer peace and quiet or socialising with a lot of people around, or any special requests. 

Opting in to the MCR
The majority of our postgraduate students are members of the MCR (Middle Common Room). Membership gives access to our dedicated Postgraduate Centre and enables you to fully take part in the life and community of the College, including postgradaute social events and entertainment, peer welfare and playing sports and joining or starting new societies. The annual fee can be included in the first term's College accommodation invoice for students living in College who have opted in via this form. It is invoiced at the start of the year for students living out of College who have opted in.

Please click here for detailed information on the benefits of MCR membership and other services and additional charges for postgraduates. You can change your decision up until the due date for your accommodation invoice. For more information about the MCR, visit their website or contact

To opt in, tick the box for MCR membership in this questionnaire, or email no later than 9 October 2020.

St John’s College is a traditional gowned College, students also purchase gowns to be worn their time as a student here: at matriculation, formal dinners, and some other formal events. The SJCR orders all gowns and will send out a separate communication about payment once they have received your responses. There are a very limited number of second hand gowns, so please submit a preference with the understanding that this cannot be guaranteed. £55 new, £35 second hand. All gowns in a good condition can be sold back to the SJCR following completion of your degree. 

This is for the purpose of gown sizing. Due to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines, it would be easier for the SJCR to receive these measurements before you arrive.
Consent to data sharing with the Middle Common Room (MCR), part of the St John's Common Rooom (SJCR)

The purpose of this data sharing with the MCR Welcome Team is to them plan activities in advance of Induction Week.

Other comments or queries
This is your opportunity to tell us more about yourself, highlight anything we've missed or could have done better when preparing for your arrival, or share ideas you have for postgraduate life at St John's.

Contact us

Senior Tutor's Office

St John's College 
3 South Bailey 

Office hours: 9:0012:30, 13:3016:30

T: 0191 334 3881

Student support and wellbeing: 


College enquiries, admissions and accommodation:

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