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Our Values

St John’s is a College with a rich heritage, open to all, providing a distinctive Christian perspective and environment in Higher Education and seeking to develop vocation in all.

We are committed to:

  • nurturing excellence and aspiration in research, education and the formation of the whole person
  • training church leaders in theology and ministry
  • being a College within Durham University, recognising both our independence and interdependence
  • valuing our location in the North East of England
  • using our finances responsibly and wisely, and ensuring our buildings provide a safe and comfortable environment
  • valuing people as our primary resource, and building a rich community life
  • communicating knowledge and learning to society
  • embodying and working for social justice
  • being one College, finding strength in the dynamism of undergraduate and postgraduate education, ministerial formation and research initiatives.

Our values are shaped by the Christian heritage which is our foundation. These values form four particular aspirations which shape our common life:

  • Learning – in every sphere of life; wisdom, research, formation, skilfulness and artistic creation.
  • Excellence – aspiring to be the best we can be in all that we are and do, to the greater good and the furthering of the College.
  • Justice – seeking fairness in the personal, institutional, societal, and academic spheres.
  • Hospitality – valuing others, respecting them, and seeking to live in generosity and welcome.

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