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St John's College

Social Areas

College Bar

The College bar is one of the more memorable within the University - tucked away in the cellars of the College buildings along the Bailey. It is a microcosm of the College itself; small and compact, yet full of character.

College Bar

Bailey Room

The Bailey Room is the main common room space for undergraduate students within the College. It is equipped with sofas, vending machines and a pool table. It is also right next to the Post Room, which contains student pigeon holes for mail, and a table football set.

Bailey Room

The Crossroads

The Crossroads is a social space open to all everyone. The room boasts comfortable, cafe-style seating, a hot drinks machine, a kitchenette and a selection of books for general reading. It's a firm favourite for students looking for somewhere to meet and relax.

The Crossroads

Leech Hall

The Leech Hall is a large, multi-purpose space within the College. Boasting a raised stage, a grand piano and audio-visual equipment, it is the venue for all manner of student gatherings, from lectures, formals and the infamous 'Bailey Ball' to music practice, ceilidhs and film nights. It is bookable in advance by any member of the College.

Cranmer students in Leech Hall after a Ball

Bowes, Linton, and TV Rooms

The Bowes and Linton Rooms are function rooms within the College that are bookable by students for smaller events. They, and the events that go on within them, are regarded around College as just a little bit more refined. On a less prosaic note, the College also maintains a television room for those whose tastes run to the less rarefied.

Linton Room

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Meet a student

The reason I love St John's College is that it functions like a family. Being a small community there is a unity between the years and across friendship groups, which helps to create a welcoming and friendly dynamic. There is something for everyone: with bountiful sports teams, societies, music groups and theatre companies, John's is a place where each individual is recognised and celebrated for what they bring to the table. The college itself is charming - an idyllic row of houses in prime location along the Bailey - it truly feels and looks like a home. I adore the sense of college spirt, and am honoured to be part of such a lively, diverse, yet close-knit community. 

Flo, BA Theology

St John's College, Durham is a recognised College of Durham University and incorporates Cranmer Hall. Charity No. 1141701 Limited Company No. 113496 (England and Wales) VAT No. 334 6364 57.