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St John's College

Some of our postgraduate students

Emma Garrido

Emma Garrido

MSc. Res. Plant Genetics (Biosciences)

Supervisor/s: Prof. Ari Sadanandom

Research Area/Project title: Plant pathology: Investigating the influence of development, biotic and abiotic stress on SUMO protease transcription in A. thaliana.

Summary: Cells use small tags to change the lifespan of proteins and thus adjust to a changing environment. As plants can’t run away from danger, they have developed an extremely versatile adaptation system. The SUMO (small ubiquitin-like modifier) tag is used by plants in stressful situations (e.g. drought, salt, pathogen attack) for a variety of purposes. However, once the cause of stress disappears, SUMO proteases remove the SUMO tag from proteins in order to revert back to normal metabolism. My research looks at the transcription levels of the 7 SUMO proteases in the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana, in a variety of developmental stages, tissues and stress conditions.

Interests: Plant-fungal interactions, bacterial, yeast and plant biochemistry and genetics. Bio- and agro-ethics. Classics and ancient philosophy.

Gilberto Da Silva

Gilberto Da Silva


Research Area/Project title: Studying MSc Defence, Development and Diplomacy.

Summary: Learning how to tackle issues of humanitarian intervention utilising a priori knowledge of conflict. Focusing on the implications of inter-disciplinary modes on understand the impact of various forms of conflicts in our modern day communities. Learning what tools are best to use when analysing conflict and potential solutions. Interested in Post-colonial studies and budding enthusiast on race relations in 1960’s America to present day.

Interests: Music, the arts and discovering more about cultures.

Enya Doyle

Enya Doyle

PhD Music & Theology

Supervisors: ProfessorBennett Zon (Music) & Dr Frances Clemson (Theology)

Research Area: the changing patterns of theology that affect the inclusion of women and girls in British Cathedral music.

Whilst there has been a dramatic change in regards to the place of women in the Church of England over the last fifty years, there are still many areas of church thinking and practice where women remain a minority. Music is one of these key areas. This project will examine women’s increasing inclusion in practice - the reality of this, the character of this inclusion, and what is happening to understandings of musical-theological practice in light of women’s new roles.

Summary: Enya received her BA (Hons) from the Music Department here at Durham in 2015 after which she spent a year at the University of York as a research masters student exploring the impact of the First World War on British Cathedral Music. Outside of her PhD study, Enya is on the Organising Committee for the York Conference on Church Music due to take place in February 2017, and is the current Administrator at the Centre for Nineteenth Century Studies . She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Research Interests:

  • British choral and cathedral music
  • links between music, theology, education, social justice, and gender
  • The long nineteenth-century

Lyra Yuqi Lai

Lyra (Yuqi Lai)

Durham Business School

MSc Finance

Research Project: International money, finance and investment.

Summary of the project: I am currently taking modules focusing on econometrics and derivative markets. As a learner in the first stage, the field of finance is attractive to me. After this one year of study, I hope to gain practical skills and those necessary to pursue a career in funds.

Previous study: Accounting in Shandong University

Interests: Mock trading, everyday application of financial principles.

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