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Durham University

St John's College

Revd Dr Kate Bruce

Kate was born in Birkenhead and received secondary education in Worcestershire and Bolton, going onto complete a degree in English and Religious Studies at Leeds University (2.1). She taught secondary English in West Yorkshire for 7 years, before beginning Ordination training at Cranmer Hall in 1998. She gained a first class degree in Theology and Ministry at Cranmer Hall.

Curacy followed at Holy Trinity Church Ripon, during which time she began a part time MA in Theology and Ministry at Cranmer, achieving a distinction. 2004 saw a return to Durham as Chaplain at Van Mildert and Trevelyan Colleges and Associate Priest at St Oswalds. She left 4 years later to become Chaplain of St John’s College and Research Fellow in Preaching. At this stage she started teaching preaching at Cranmer Hall. Kate was awarded her doctorate (Preaching and Imagination) in 2013. She began as Deputy Warden at Cranmer in 2014 and in that time served twice as Acting Warden.

She begins training with the RAF in February 2018, and with the support of the RAF intends to continue working in the areas of preaching, writing and communication, offering events into the national church around RAF commitments.

Kate teaches preaching at conferences and day events around the country and recently delivered a summer school for Vancouver School of Theology, with a comedy night as part of the event. She founded the Durham Preaching School, for younger preachers in 2015. She is interested in writing and performing stand-up comedy and intends to write on the theme of laughter, once the other side of RAF basic training. She suspects this will provide ample material.

Recent conferences 2017

January - Methodist Bible Month Training (Sheffield and Durham) Preaching James.

February - Newcastle Readers – Preaching and Imagination

February - ‘Step Forward’ – Young Peoples’ Vocations Conference

March - Refreshing Preaching Day Conference Shepherd’s Dene

March - Bishops’ in Mission Comedy nights – Durham and Easington Colliery

April - Durham IME Phase 2 Preaching Day

May - Women’s vocations day at Carlisle Cathedral

May - Durham Preaching School (Young Preachers)

June - Teaching level 5 preaching – Sheffield School of Ministry

June - launch Beverley Mission

June - Birmingham Ordination Retreat and Preach at both ordination services

June – Comedy Night, Hawkshaw, Bolton.

August - Teach on Preaching at Vancouver School of Theology, with comedy night.

September - Speaker, Festival of Preaching at Christ Church, Oxford

September - North Cumbria Clergy Study Day

October - Named, Known and Called, organiser and speaker - Womens’ Vocations Conference at St John’s.

Upcoming events 2017 - 18:

December – Chester Diocese – Refreshing Preahcing

January – Chesterfield – Imagination and preahicng

June – Direct Manchester ordination retreat and preach at ordination of Deacons

June – speaker – Chester Diocesan Conference.

List of Publications:

In hand – work for SPCK and Guidelines

Bruce, Kate, (due 2018) submitted – 1 week of notes on Lamentations for Guidelines, Bible Reading Fellowship.

Bruce, Kate, 2017 – 2 weeks of notes for Guidelines, Bible Reading Fellowship, on the Communicating God

Bruce, Kate, Book Group Reading Notes for Becoming Reverend, M. Woodcock, (London:CHP, 2016),

Bruce, Kate, ‘The Communicating God’, Bible notes submitted to Guidelines, (BRF) due 2017.

Bruce, Kate and Jamie Harrison (eds.) Wrestling with the Word: Preaching Tricky Texts (London: SPCK, November 2016).

Bruce, Kate, ‘Performance Matters: Remembering and Being Re-membered’, The Preacher (Autumn 2016).

Bruce, Kate, ‘Being Imaginative’, in J. Harrison and R. Innes (eds.), Clergy in a Complex Age, (London: SPCK, 2016).

Bruce, Kate, 'Preaching: Igniting the Heart or Extinguishing the Will to live? Why Imagination Matters for Preachers', The Preacher (January 2016).

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