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Durham University

St John's College

Jim Francis

Jim Francis

Name: Revd. Canon Dr. James Francis.

Position: Visiting Fellow (Durham University); Visiting Professor (Glyndwr University).

Date of Birth: 10th May 1944.




1956-1962 Peterhead Academy

1962-1968 Edinburgh University

1968-1969 Yale Divinity School

1969-1970 Assistant Minister Glenrothes, Fife

1970-1972 Edinburgh University Research Studentship

1972-1975 Minister of Coldingham Priory with St. Abbs Berwickshire

1975-2001 Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies, Sunderland University

2002-2009 Principal, Durham Diocese Durham Ordained Local Ministry Course

2003-2012 Programme Tutor for Durham Diocese Adult Education Course “Living Theology Today”

2012 - Visiting Fellow St John’s College, Durham University

Academic Qualifications:

1965 MA Edinburgh, Classics

1968 BD Edinburgh, Biblical Studies and Theology

1969 STM Yale University, New Testament and Theology

1973 PhD Edinburgh University, New Testament Studies (Thesis:1 Peter)


Academic Posts (full-time):

1975-2001 Lecturer/senior lecturer (from 1982) in New Testament Studies, Sunderland University

2002-2009 Principal, Ordained Local Ministry Course, Durham Diocese

Academic Appointments (part-time):

2003-2012 Programme writer and lead tutor for a foundation course in adult learning called “Living Theology Today”, Durham Diocese

20012 -16 First marker for “Theology and Discipleship” programme, Glyndwr University.

2013 - Teaching Classical Greek at the Choristers School Durham.

Honorary Academic Posts:

2011 - Honorary visiting fellow St. John’s College, Durham University

2012 - 2016 Visiting fellow Glyndwr University (the appointment involved academic assessment for a degree programme in ministry and discipleship for the Church in Wales)

2017 - Adjunct member of faculty, Queen’s College Newfoundland, Canada (as an assessor for a Ministry and Discipleship Programme)

Professional Appointments (Academic):

1999 - 2008 Subject and Programme Reviewer (Religion and Theology) for the Quality Assurance Agency (HE England and Wales), the Open University, and the University of Wales

2012 - Church of England Ministry Division quality assurance inspector Cranmer Hall, Durham

Previous External Examinerships:

External examiner for programmes in New Testament and in Practical Theology University of Wales Lampeter

External examiner for MA in Missional Leadership at Birmingham Christian College, validated by University of Wales

External examiner for BA and MA programmes of Evangelical Theological College of Wales (Bridgend), validated by University of Wales

Church of England Ministry Division moderator to the Scottish Episcopal Church

External examiner (Lancaster University) to the Carlisle and Blackburn Dioceses’ Training Institute.

External examiner for the Foundation Degree in Theology and Ministry York St. John University.

Thesis Supervision and Examining:


One M.Phil. and two Ph.D. students (Sunderland University)


Internal examiner (Sunderland University) for two M.Phil. theses

External examiner for one M.Litt., ten M.Phil., one D.Ed., two D.Min. and seventeen Ph.D. theses (Durham, Newcastle, King’s College London, Glyndwr, University of Wales: Bangor and Lampeter)


1972-1987 Minister in the Church of Scotland

1987 - Deacon, Church of England, Durham Diocese

1987 - Priest, Church of England, Durham Diocese

Pastoral Posts:

1972-1975 Parish minister (Church of Scotland) Coldingham Priory with St. Abbs, Berwickshire.

1987-1997 Non-stipendiary Curate, St. Chad’s Church, Sunderland.

1997-2010 Associate Team Vicar, Sunderland Minster

1998-2007 Bishop of Durham’s Adviser for Self-Supporting Ministry

2010 - Non-stipendiary Priest in Durham Diocese with permission to officiate.

2000-2010 Non-residentiary Canon, Durham Cathedral

2010 - Non-residentiary Canon Emeritus, Durham Cathedral

2014 - Tutor in Classical Greek, The Choristers School Durham


Books authored:

J.M.M. Francis Adults as Children: Images of Childhood in the Ancient World and the New Testament (2006). Oxford, Peter Lang. pp. x+346. ISBN 3-03910-020-3.

Books edited:

J. M.M. Francis and L.J. Francis (Eds.) (1998.) Tentmaking: Perspectives on Self-Supporting Ministry Leominster, Gracewing. pp. x+436. ISBN 0-85244-369-2.

J.M.M. Francis and R. Bisschops (Eds.) (1999.) Metaphor, Canon and Community Bern, Peter Lang pp. x+307. ISBN 3-8204-4234-8.

J.M.M. Francis Series Editor Religions and Discourse for Oxford, Peter Lang. (Currently 56 volumes.)

Chapters in books:

J.M.M. Francis ‘As Newborn Babes’: The Image of the Child in 1 Peter 2.2-3 (1980.) Studia Evangelica Sheffield, JSOT Press Vol.3 (pp.111-117). ISBN 0-905774-27-2.

J.M.M. Francis The Contribution of Ministry in Secular Employment (1993.) in J. Davies (Ed.) God and the Marketplace: Essays on the Morality of Wealth Creation London, Institute of Economic Affairs, (pp.125-140). ISBN 0-255-36275-7.

J.M.M. Francis Children and Childhood Imagery in the New Testament in S. C. Barton (Ed.) The Family in Theological Perspective T. & T. Clark Edinburgh 1996. ISBN 0-567-08522-8.

J.M.M. Francis God as Worker. A Metaphor from Daily Life in Biblical Perspective. (1999) in R. Bisschops and J. Francis Metaphor, Canon and Community. Jewish, Christian and Islamic Approaches Bern, Peter Lang (pp.13-28). ISBN 3-906762-40-8.

J.M.M. Francis Five Entries for The Complete Bible Handbook (Ed. J. Bowker) London, Dorling Kindersley 1998 ISBN 0-7513-1112-X as follows:

1) Old Testament Section:

"Education in Ancient Israel” pages 164-165.

2) New Testament Section:

"Everyday Life for Jews" pages 282-283.

"Everyday Life in the New Testament" pages 284-285.

"Education in the New Testament" pages 322-323.

"The Structure of Roman Society" pages 372-373.

J.M.M. Francis “Paul as working apostle: the role of biography in institutional legitimation” in pp. 37-50, in J. M.M. Francis and L.J. Francis (Eds.) (1998) Tentmaking: Perspectives on Self-Supporting Ministry Leominster, Gracewing. pp. x+436. ISBN 0-85244-369-2.

J.M.M. Francis Three Entries for A Dictionary of the Bible (Eds. D.N. Freedman, A.C. Myers & A.B. Beck) Eerdmans, Grand Rapids Michigan 2000 ISBN 0-8028-2400-5 as follows:

i) "Children and Childhood (pages 234-235).

ii) "Household" (pages 613-614).

iii) "Labour, Work, Toil” (pages 780-781).

J.M.M. Francis “Jesus as God’s Child and the Violence of the Cross” in Children and Violence (Ed. L. Brockliss) Oxford, Oxbow 2010 (pp.28-29). ISBN 978-1-84217-978-9.

Journal Articles:

J.M.M. Francis The ‘Seder’ and the Supper - a Study of the Last Supper and its Jewish Background (1971). Liturgical Studies Scottish Academic Press Vol.1, 49-57.

J.M.M. Francis ‘As Babes in Christ’: Some Proposals Concerning 1 Cor.3.1-3 (1980). Journal for the Study of the New Testament Vol. 7, 41-60.

J.M.M. Francis Jesus and Children (2001). Priests and People Vol. 15 no.12, pp.439-443.

J.M.M. Francis Discipleship and Vocation (2009). Rural Theology vol. 7 no.2, pp.75-82.

J.M.M. Francis God’s Planting and God’s Building: Resolving Discord in 1 Corinthians 3.5-17 (2014) Rural Theology Vol.12, no.2 pp.72-82.

“Identity and Belonging. A Perspective on Paul’s Letter to the Galatians” Challenging Religious Issues Online Journal (St. Mary’s Centre, Wales) 2014 No.7.

“Learning Church. Theology for Discipleship and Ministry” 2015 Review Article Rural Theology vol.13 no.1 pp.97-101.

“Nature Untamed. Some Reflections from Scripture” Rural Theology (March)2017 Vol.15 no.1 pp.1-10.

“The Earliest Easter Narratives”Challenging Religious Issues Online Journal (St. Mary’s Centre, Wales) 2017 Issue Number 11.

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