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Durham University

St John's College

Centre for Healthcare Resourcing

The Centre for Healthcare Resourcing was established in November, 2014 at St John’s College, Durham University, in response to three particular concerns in the area of resourcing healthcare systems:

  • creating resilience
  • increasing capacity 
  • supporting effectiveness and governance

Primarily rooted in the culture of the UK NHS, the Centre works across a range of health and healthcare contexts – developing healthcare in Africa (notably South Sudan) and in Eastern Europe; supporting local health initiatives in North-East England; and engaging with Faith Communities.

The Centre seeks to apply and share learning from a range of disciplines – education, theology, and medicine, for example – to create a place for networking and practical engagement in the context of the spectrum of healthcare.

Resilience building remains a particular concern for systems, communities, and individuals – how to combat external pressures of limited funding, health demographics and ageing populations, as well as internal pressures for greater dependency and the loss of community support mechanisms.

Capacity creation involvesresponses to the demand of 24-hour healthcare provision, support networks for staff and carers, as well as others, such as clergy, who function within the wider community network.

Effectiveness and its flourishing challenges, and is challenged by (over-)regulation, fragile trust, hyper-accountability systems, loss of morale amongst the healthcare workforce, and the demands of safety. The place of science in medicine remains of great importance but an over-reliance on scientific methodology risks dehumanising healthcare.

Dr Jamie Harrison

Dr Jamie Harrison MA FRCGP leads the Centre. He is Research Fellow in Healthcare and Religion at St John’s College, Durham, and a GP Specialist Advisor to the English Care Quality Commission. He was recently a William Leech Fellow in Applied Christian Theology in Durham University, and formerly a GP Advisor to the English Department of Health. He has written widely on GP careers, vocation, trust, and clinical governance. He was co-winner of the Baxter Award from the European Health Management Association in 2000.

Jamie has written and presented a number of papersrelating to the centre in recent years which are below and able to be downloaded:


Dr Rich Bregazzi

Dr Rich Bregazzi PhD is Research Fellow in Healthcare Education, and Honorary Professor of Medical Education Planning at Juba University, South Sudan. He is Dean for Postgraduate Medical Education, and of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in South Sudan, and Associate Lecturer in the School of Medical Education Development at Newcastle University. His current focus is on developing healthcare capacity within South Sudan through medical training, integrated with the development of primary care centres and healthcare teams. He is interested in learning as the means by which communities and individuals develop, and in the challenges of international medical education and global development.

Find out more about post graduate medical education in South Sudan here.

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