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Durham University

St John's College

St John's Student Opportunities Fund

Due to the Covid-19 situation and restrictions on travel, applications for the Student Opportunities Fund will not be received in the Easter 2020 term. Students will be able to apply retrospectively in the Michaelmas term for travel and projects undertaken in the Easter term or during the summer.

College has limited funds that are available for distribution each year to assist current St John’s students with travel, education, research, and other costs involved in College, charitable and outreach projects.

Awards are typically made in the region of £100 – £250, though higher amounts may be awarded on occasion for outstanding applications.

The Senior Common Room contributes annually to the Fund to support 3 – 4 outstanding applications with additional funds.


  • Current John’s Hall and Cranmer undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Full and part time home, EU and overseas students are eligible.
  • Projects which support the applicant’s academic studies and development (e.g. academic conferences, fieldwork for research projects).
  • Projects which helps the applicant to widen or improve their life skills.
  • Projects which have a social benefit in the local area where the applicant will work or study.
  • Exclusions: summer schools, internships, and trips which are directly related to the applicant’s required coursework (unless research related); direct payments to charities; and membership of College clubs and societies.
  • Previous award holders may re-apply but will not be given preference.

Assessment criteria

Applications are judged on the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the project to the College ethos and values.
  • Clearly articulated project and (where applicable) appropriate research questions and methods.
  • Specificity – sufficient, detailed information of the specific content and context of the outlined project.
  • A clear and accurate budget detailing the proposed use of funds, with evidence for costs.
  • For research and fieldwork – academic reference.
  • For academic conferences – presentation proposal.
  • Financial need – priority may be given to self-funded students.

Terms and conditions

  • Eligible costs include conference fees, travel, accommodation and subsistence and other reasonable expenditure related to the research activity.
  • Applicants may only receive one award from the Fund per academic year.
  • Travel and other expenditure under the grant must take place/be incurred before the next term’s deadline for applications. Retrospective applications will not normally be considered. The panel meets once every term.
  • Awardees from the SCR funds must be willing to give a presentation of their project to the SCR members.
  • Successful applicants must submit an article (500-1000 words) about their research activity, with photos, which may be published in the College blog, St John’s Chronicle. An article of 300-500 words may also be published in the College Record, the annual magazine that is sent to all St John’s alumni. If your article is published, it will be read by the alumni and friends of College who contribute financially to the Student Opportunities Fund. An award holder who does not wish their photo/name to be used on the website should inform the College at the point of the award being made.
  • If the project does not go ahead, the recipient must repay the award.
  • *NEW* Successful applicants must submit receipts for payments for which the award was made.
  • Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will result in the award being withdrawn and the recipient will be requested to repay payments made.

For further information about the application process, please contact the Student Support and Admissions Secretary on

The Student Opportunities Fund enables Johnians to be involved in worthwhile projects all over the world. To find out more about Johnian adventures, browse through the John's Chronicle.

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