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Grants and Fellowships

List of active grants

Detailed information on each of the projects can be found under Current Projects.

  • Quality of Legislation as a Strategic Component in Legislative Decision-making (£9,970.00, Funder: British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant).  PI: Moritz Osnabrügge, Co-Is: Mattia Vannoni (UCL), Xiao Lu (Peking University).
  • Causes and Consequences of Electoral Violence: Evidence from England and Wales 1832-1914 (£108,833.20, including £1,000 (ESRC IAA Mentor Scheme), £1,950 (Research Impact Fund (RIF), Durham University), and £105,883.20 (ESRC/AHRC CoA Extension #51 ES/P007775/1); PI: Patrick M. Kuhn, Co-Is: Gidon Cohen, Nick Vivyan & Gary Hutchison). 
  • Gender and Likability in the Evaluation of Female Political Candidates (£11,184.21, Funder: Rudgers, State University of New Jersey; PI: Tessa Ditonto and Co-I: David Andersen).
  • The Ideosyncratic Voter: Issue Opinion and Democratic Politics in Britain (£45,038, Funder: Leverhulme Trust; PI: Nick Vivyan).
  • Understanding British Democracy Through an Investigation of Nineteenth Century Elections (£14,358.19; Funder: ESRC IAA; PI: Patrick M Kuhn,; Co-Is: Nick Vivyan & Gidon Cohen).
  • Methodological Research to Support Evaluation Synthesis and Translation of Evidence to Improve the Educational Attainments of Disadvantaged Children in England (£25,199.25; Funder: EEF; Co-I: Thomas Robinson).
  • Synthetic data in the social sciences using generative adversarial networks (£9,915.44; Funder: British Academy; PI: Thomas Robinson).
  • Trust me, I’m Verified: Dynamics Experiments Exploring Susceptibility to Social Media Misinformation Campaigns (£10,000; Funder: British Academy; PI: David Andersen, Co-I: Adrian Millican).