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Andrew Crossland

Our congratulations to Dr Andrew Crossland FEI, who has been appointed as an Associate Professor in Practice with the Durham Energy Institute commencing on 1st January 2024.

In 2014, Andrew graduated with a PhD from Durham University developing a ground-breaking full-scale model of 9,000 low-voltage power networks and modelling a mass rollout of batteries and solar across houses in the North West of England. He identified how these batteries can accelerate net zero and save hundreds of millions of pounds for network operators.  At this time, he also led leading interdisciplinary DEI funded research into electricity for health centres in East Africa. In his spare time, he created the MyGridGB tracker and app that enables people to follow the real-time generation of electricity within the UK. He also authored a book on the energy transition, “Decarbonising Electricity Made Simple” which has been sold all over the world.

As an engineering and finance specialist, Andrew’s specialism is cutting edge solar and battery projects throughout the world, creating innovative solutions, from the first large scale battery in New Zealand, Pacific Island microgrids, education in Indonesia, microgrids for conservation in East Africa and low carbon homes in the UK. He produces the Renewable Energy Podcast, and previously represented New Zealand on the Trilemma Index of the World Energy council. He also acts as an advisor to Kenyan conservation charity PARC and UK home heat decarbonisation company Heatio. His present full time role is Director of New Energy with solarZero. In addition, he is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in energy decarbonisation, making global contacts through his work in over twenty countries.

Andrew brings to this role as an Associate Professor in Practice an extensive network of industry, academic and government contacts, and he is an acknowledged thought leader on global renewable energy matters. He has a passion for education and research to enable and energise the next generation of young people in delivering the global race to sustainability. He is a natural communicator, keen to share his knowledge and experience with students, work on new research and business ideas to ensure that Durham University’s world leading graduates are at the forefront on meeting the energy challenge.

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