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IAS Support for the Durham University Seedcorn Research Fund

The IAS wants to bring closer to the forefront its role in building inter-disciplinary research capacity at Durham, and to do this throughout the year, working closely with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research to identify and nurture cross-disciplinary research ventures. While the IAS retains its commitment to facilitate independent initiatives of an interdisciplinary nature, it also seeks to work with University Research Committee to develop and advance strategic initiatives.

As a result, the IAS is providing support (see below for the nature of this support) to the Seedcorn Research Fund. Both those who wish to initiate a ‘research conversation' in advance of applying to the Durham University Seedcorn Research Fund, and those who have successfully applied to the Durham University Seedcorn Research Fund, are eligible to apply for support from the IAS (see below).

Available Support from the IAS

Seminar space and access to the support of an IAS Director is available, where appropriate, to those wishing to initiate a ‘research conversation' with colleagues from different disciplines in advance of submitting a bid to the Seedcorn Research Fund. The IAS Directorate can be asked to facilitate the meeting: that is, an IAS Director will try, at the meeting, to help you and your collaborators define clearly the shape and scope of your project. It would not be the Directors' role to lead or manage projects, but, rather, to act as sounding boards and catalysts, using the experience gained through their knowledge and fostering of interdisciplinary projects across the University. There will be occasions where the IAS Director involved in the initial research conversation may be available to be consulted at a later stage.

How to Apply for Support from the IAS

There is no deadline for applications to the IAS for support to hold ‘Research Conversations'. You may contact the IAS at any time to request meeting space or the involvement of an IAS Director in your ‘Research Conversations'. At this stage, we will require a statement of the nature of the project, its likely participants, its potential for Durham, its unique contribution to knowledge, the nature of facilitation (if any) that you require from the IAS directors, in addition to practical information on dates, and such like.

Should your bid to the Seedcorn Research Fund be successful, please indicate in your application to the fund at the ‘Project Preparation' stage if you would like further support from the IAS, indicating what level of support is required (i.e. access to meeting space only, access to office space, or consultancy support from an IAS Director). The Research Office will liaise with the IAS about the level and kind of support the IAS is able to provide at this stage.


If you have any queries regarding the support available from the IAS in relation to the Durham University Seedcorn Research Fund, please contact the IAS. If you need help with finding suitable partners across the University, would like to discuss an idea at an early stage, or have any questions about the process for the Seedcorn Research Fund then contact: