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Current Projects

The IAS is sponsoring and support several major projects, and a number of research development projects in this academic year 2023/24.  Major projects are noted below.  For details of Research Development projects this year, please click here. 

Understanding Offence

This project considers 'Offence' as a phenomenon and the challenges for society in attempting to regulate offensive speech and behaviour.
Face image with finger to lips

Justice and Artificial Intelligence

An examination of potential and actual sources of injustice within surveillance-cum-recognition and automated decision-making technologies.
surveillance cameras

Abusing Antiquity

Seeks to investigate the colonisation of the classical past by a spectrum of political forces, with a particular focus on neo-Nazi and white-supremacist group.
Book watch and ancient text

In Absence of Others

An interdisciplinary project examines managers’ experiences when working alone.
women sitting by a window working from home