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Research Grants

Only the highest quality of research project proposals receive funding from our various sponsors, so it is significant that in the last 3 years the value of awards won by Durham University researchers has almost doubled to £66.3m for 2008/09.  In addition, as a result of our excellent RAE 2008 results, the university received a further £28.1m in research-related funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to maintain our strong research base and essential research infrastructure.  Examples of some recently award research projects are listed below:

Updates - May 2011

  • Janet Montgomery (Archaeology): £67K from NERC 'Does ancient human dental enamel record short term seasonality?'
  • Anthony Long (Geography): £310K from NERC 'Using inter-glacials to assess future sea level scenarios'
  • Fred Worrall (Earth Sciences): £39K from NERC for a study 'Greenhouse gas emissions'.
  • John Mawson (Business School): £99K from ESRC for 'Institute for Local Governance collaborative ventures'.
  • Vincent Reid (Psychology): £72K from ESRC for 'The provision of infanr EEG editing and analysis software'
  • Stuart Clark (Physics): £163K from EPSRC for 'Advanced spectroscopies using high-performance computing'
  • Budhika Mendis (Physics):  £102K from EPSRC for a project 'Microstructural evolution of CdTe-based cells during chlorine activation'
  • Simon Morris (Physics) won three STFC equipment grants totalling £217K
  • Phil Taylor (Engineering and Computing Sciences): £111K from EPSRC for 'Mathematical foundations for energy networks: buffering storage and transmission'.
  • Sarah Banks, Gary Craig and Andrea Armstrong (Applied Social Sciences), Rachel Pain (Geography), Carolyn Summerbell and Helen Moore (Medicine and Health), and Tom Henfrey (Anthropology): £32K grant from AHRC to undertake a scoping study for the AHRC Connected Communities programme.
  •  Colin Jahoda (Biological and Biomedical Sciences) received £454K from BUPA for a study 'Hair follicle induction by cultured human hair follicle dermal stem cells'.
  • John Gatehouse (Biological and Biomedical Sciences) was awarded a contract for £64K from DEFRA 'Provision of a novel approach for the control of dipteran pests of UK agriculture and horticulture using RNAi'
  • Mark Booth (Medicine and Health) received £145K as part of a £3.4M EU network to control  water-borne diseases in Africa.
  • Clare McGlynn (Law) won a £36K Leverhulme Trust grant 'Reforming pornography Law: liberal justifications and proposals for change'.
  • Phil Taylor (Engineering and Computing Sciences) received £309K from Electricity North West for 'Investigating the role of energy storage systems in smart grids'
  • Sarah Banks (Applied Social Sciences), in partnership with Thrive (Thornaby on Tees) and Church Action on Poverty, won £108K from the Northern Rock Foundation to undertake an action research project 'Debt on Teesside: Pathways to Inclusion'.
  • Jeremy Hutson, Eckart Wrede David Darty and Simon Cornish (Chemistry and Physics) who received a £4.34M EPSRC grant (with Imperial College) 'Microkelvin molecules in a quantum array'
  • Adrian Signer (Physics) for a European Commission grant of £439K 'Advanced Particle Phenomenology in the LHC era'
  • David Williams (Psychology) for an ESRC grant for £76K 'Time based and event based prospective memory in autism: the roles of executive function and theory of mind'.
  • Andy Monkman, Martin Bryce and Hameed Al Attar (Physics) whose partnership with  Thorn Lighting has been awarded £755K from EPSRC  ' develop solid-state lighting'.
  • Robin Coningham (Archaeology) on receiving £59K from UNESCO for 'Identifying evaluating and interpreting the physical signature of Lumbini and associated sites'
  • Martin Schroeder (Biological Sciences) on winning £87K from Parkinson's UK for a study 'Activation of neuroinflammation by protein folding stress signaling pathways in Parkinson's disease'
  • Sarah-Jane Page (Theology) for a £77K ESRC grant 'Understanding gender in clergy family life'.
  • Jonathan Rigg (Geography) for a £108K EPSRC grant 'Resilient futures'
  • Fred Worrall (Earth Sciences) and Phil Taylor (Engineering and Computing Sciences) on two equipment grants underpinning the Durham Energy Institute of £199K and £175K.
  •  Carlos Frenk (Physics) was awarded £2.26M Euros for computational projects using data from the international Panstarrs wide-panorama telescope in Hawaii (in which Durham is a major partner).
  •  David Parker (Chemistry) was awarded £2.49M Euros for his work addressing critical problems in the natural sciences by developing the chemistry of metal coordination complexes.
  • Neil Cameron (Chemistry and Biophysical Sciences Institute) has been awarded £230K from the Leverhulme Foundation for a project 'A synthetic cell that displays receptor mediated endocytosis'.
  • Richard Thompson (Chemistry) was awarded £227K from Dupont Teijin Films UK

  • Tony Wilkinson (Archaeology) was awarded £100K by the British Academy for the 'Land of Carchemish Project 2010-2013'.
  • Tom Redman (Business School) has been awarded over £100K from ESRC to support two Management and Business Development Fellows.
  • Paola Ceccorelli (Classics) won £48K from the British Academy for a project  'Words from the King' and Edmund Richardson (Classics) waqs awarded £55K from the Leverhulme Trust for a project 'The book of Forgetfulness'.
  • We have had particular success with NERC grants this summer with three in Earth Sciences including £566K to Nicola de Paola for a project 'Fault lubrication during earthquake propagation in thermally unstable rocks' and £391K to Mark Allen entitled 'Organic plateau magmatism'; and five awards to Geography including £231K to Antony Long  for his research 'Late glacial sea level minima in the western British Isles' and £246K for David Milledge's project "Understanding transient response to climate change in coupled hydro-eco-geomorphic landscapes'
  • Graham Towl (St Cuthbert's Society and Psychology) was awarded £201K from EPSRC for his work 'Risk taking for resilience'.
  • Simon Morris (Physics) won an SRFC grant of £543K to support the UK's role in the 'European Extremely Large Telescope'.
  • Jonathan Willis (Theology and Religion) was awarded a £79K grant from Leverhulme for a project 'The ten commandments and the English reformation'.