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The events listed in this area are research seminars, workshops and lectures hosted by Durham University departments and research institutes. If you are not a member of the University, but  wish to enquire about attending one of the events please contact the organiser or host department.


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Events for 27 January 2020

Robert Moscrop : BPS states, wall-crossing and quivers

12:00am, OC218

In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that the study of BPS states is highly applicable not only to physics but several areas of mathematics as well. For example, BPS states are important objects in black hole physics, homological mirror symmetry and enumerative geometry. It is therefore important that we develop an efficient method of calculating the BPS states of a theory. This is made more complicated by the fact that the BPS spectrum discontinuously varies upon crossing certain surfaces in parameter space- giving rise to the so called 'wall-crossing phenomenon'. In this talk we develop the method of BPS quivers which gives us a way to understand all the BPS chambers of a theory in a purely combinatorial way.

Contact Daniel Martin for more information about this event.

IAS Fellows' Seminar - The Dream of a Visual Language

1:00pm to 2:00pm, Seminar Room, Institute of Advanced Study, Professor Torben Elgaard Jenson (Aalborg University)

Contact for more information about this event.

Henry Wilton: Surface subgroups of graphs of free groups

1:00pm, CM101

Hyperbolic groups, introduced by Gromov and others in the 1980s, are discrete groups that satisfy a coarse negative curvature condition. The simplest examples are free groups and surface groups (i.e. the fundamental groups of negatively curved surfaces). Around the time of their introduction, Gromov famously asked a natural question: must a hyperbolic group G contain a surface subgroup, unless it has a free subgroup of finite index? I will describe recent progress in the case when G is the fundamental group of a graph of free groups (for instance, an amalgamated product F_1 *_H F_2).

Contact for more information about this event.

Ellen Powell: A characterisation of the planar Gaussian free field

1:00pm, CM107

I will discuss a joint work with Nathanael Berestycki and Gourab Ray, in which we prove that a random distribution in two dimensions satisfying conformal invariance and a natural domain Markov property must be a multiple of the Gaussian free field. This result holds subject only to a mild moment assumption.

Contact for more information about this event.

Mr. Matt Williams: Just a Symbol? Getting to Grips with the Foot Washing in John 13

3:30pm, Seminar Room C (D/TH107), Dept. of Theology & Religion, Abbey House, DH1 3RS, Durham

Contact for more information about this event.

Ms. Meron Gebreananaye: The Ascetic Imagination and the Gendered Body in the Acts of Paul and Thecla

3:30pm, Seminar Room C (D/TH107), Dept. of Theology & Religion, Abbey House, DH1 3RS, Durham

Contact for more information about this event.