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Research lectures, seminars and events

The events listed in this area are research seminars, workshops and lectures hosted by Durham University departments and research institutes. If you are not a member of the University, but  wish to enquire about attending one of the events please contact the organiser or host department.


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Events for 27 April 2018

N8/Durham Energy Institute Energy Security Workshop

10:30am to 4:00pm, Ann Galbraith Boardroom, Various

Silvia Dalla: Test Particle Modelling of Solar Energetic Particle Propagation

2:00pm, CM301

Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs) are ions and electrons accelerated during flares and coronal mass ejections at the Sun. They can escape from the corona into interplanetary space and may reach near-Earth locations, where they pose a significant radiation risk to humans in space and satellite hardware. This talk will review our understanding of the origin and transport of SEPs, based on a large body of data gathered by spacecraft detectors and on theoretical models. It will focus on recent results of test particle simulations, which show that accurate modelling of SEP propagation requires a 3D approach, due to guiding centre drifts and magnetic field line meandering.

Contact for more information about this event.